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Math-U-See AIM Review

"Yea! It's math time! Can we do the word problems now?", said my math-reluctant 10 year old. These are words that I never thought that I would hear. Ever since we put aside our other math and started working through the Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction by Math-U-See, I have not been getting the same resistance to math time as I normally get. That has been a wonderful relief.

When we received the box in the mail, it included the integer blocks needed to complete the math problems, colored pencils that match the colors of the blocks, fact check cards with each of the math problems that your child will be learning, large math fact stratgey posters, as well as the Resource Guide. We were able to keep everything in the box after we used it each day. We did, however, put the integer blocks in a resealable bag, so that they would be better contained after we opened the package. I liked that I just had to hae our son get the AIM box each day, and everything was together.

I wasn't sure how AIM would benefit our son. You see, he already understands the concepts of addition and subtraction. He just has had a difficult time with memorizing the facts. We started with the "Before-AIM Assessment for Addition and Subtraction". This gave me an idea of how he was doing with being able to calculate the addition and subtraction facts accurately and how long it took him to do them. I thought that it would be good for us to go through the program to see if it could help him. I'm glad that we did.

Each lesson is laid out the same. The student, first, starts by watching the video instruction for the lesson. These are super short, like less than 5 minutes each. Trust me when I say that our son appreciated that. He actually really liked the videos and (almost) cheered when I said that it was math time. One time, while he was watching a video, he said that he thought that the teacher was a great teacher and that he would like to be in his class some time. I could have taken offense to that, but I didn't at all! I knew that he was just saying that he liked him and enjoyed learning from him. That's just great! We went through about 3-4 lessons each week and those didn't take much time, as I stated before. I was tempted to keep moving and doing more than one lesson a day, but I knew that our son needed time to digest the problems and strateies that he learned in each lesson.

Here's what he had to say about AIM for Addition and Subtraction:

It was an easy math to do, which was very nice. It was easy to learn. The teacher in all of the videos was able to talk to the student slowly, so that they could learn more. He used visual adding instead of working on a worksheet all day. I think that that was really helpful. It only takes about 5 minutes every day to do.

After the video, that's when you pull out the Fact Check Cards that go with that lesson. I appreciated that the cards were labeled to let me know which ones that he needed for each lesson. I know that seems simple or silly, but any extra help, (and less thinking by me), is a plus in my book! I have to admit that the Fact Check Cards were our son's least favorite part of each lesson. He did like it, however, when our oldest son (15) did them with him because, "he's just more fun". There are a few things that you do with the cards, so that your child will put the answers in their memory bank.

He liked using the integer blocks to "build" the math problems. Since he likes Legos, he really took to these right away. I gave him extra time with them each day before we would start the lesson. He built some pretty great things with them.

They include colored pencils that match the colors of the integer blocks. The student uses these to "draw" the problems by using the colors in place of the numbers.

Surprisingly, he really enjoyed the word problems. He actually asked to do them each day. I even had to make up more word problems because he liked them so much! Bonus!

I am so happy with the Accelerated Individualized Mastery (AIM) for Addition and Subtraction by Math-U-See. We will be completing all of the lessons and then looking for what's next for him to work on through their curriculum. Thank you, Math-U-See, for helping to make math more enjoyable in our home.

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