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Build-A-Word Spelling ~ Snowflakes

January 15, 2020

Spelling has never been an exciting subject for my kids. Add to that that our middle son is very hands-on when he learns. He likes to build things, make things, and do things. That's how he learns best.

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That's when "Build a Word" spelling was invented. Have you ever seen the show "WordWorld"? It's a great show on PBS that teaches spelling. What I find interesting is that everything is made by what their word is. For example, the character, Bear, is made up of the letters b-e-a-r. I think that it's kind of ingenious of them. Words are everywhere in these shows. When they need something, they "build a word".


Watch below!


Fun, right? So, that's how I came up with "Build a Word" spelling. Build-A-Word Spelling is just simply using letters on cards to build a word. He has to actually put the cards in order to spell each of his words. 


There's no reason why we can't add even more fun by making those letter cards look cute, right? Since, it's winter, I put snowflakes on them. Just click on the picture below to print them out.

 Build-A-Word ~ Hearts will be coming out soon for Valentine's Day.


Keep an eye open for that!


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Build-A-Word Spelling ~ Snowflakes

January 15, 2020

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