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October 29, 2019

Have you ever done something that you know is important, but that you also know that takes up time that you could use doing something else probably more important? I'm sure everyone has. When you have kids, this becomes your daily life. I decided that our middle son ne...

October 13, 2019

Fall is here! The weather is cooler and my mind goes to pumpkins. I love pumpkin muffins, pumpkin donuts, and looking at pumpkins. We actually just bought a medium-sized pumpkin that we have as a centerpiece on our table in the kitchen. That's what made me think about...

September 17, 2019

Math can be a difficult subject. It's one of those subjects that comes easy to some, but it difficult for most. A lot of math needs to be memorized, so that it will make doing it much easier at a later date. Memorizing math facts is difficult for those students who nee...

September 16, 2019

Helping a child to understand how numbers work can be an abstract thing sometimes, especially when you have a kinesthetic (hands-on) learner. That's when I came up with "walking a number line". 

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