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Appaloosy Books Review

November 13, 2019

When we were first given the chance to review some books about horses, I really didn't think that we would want them. I just didn't think that our 10 year old would like horse books. But, these aren't just any regular horse books. These are books about horses that do important things and experience extraordinary events in the history of the United States. I'm so glad that we gave these books a chance because these are very well written books with plenty of detail. We were given the four books in the Mattie Richardson's Horses in History Series by Author Mattie Richardson/Appaloosy Books.


I showed our 10 year old the four books and he chose "Appaloosy". This was about a horse named Storm who was a beautiful appaloosa horse. It started with him being born, then he was tamed by an Indian in the Nez Perce tribe, taken by the white man when the Indians were controlled, and then into the loving arms of a girl named Faith. The other books in the series are "Dusty's Trail", "Golden Sunrise", and "Day and Night". "Dusty's Trail" is about a horse who rides in the Pony Express. "Golden Sunrise" is about a horse involved with the Alamo and the fight for Texas. "Day and Night" is about a horse who helps in the Civil War. 


We were also given an enrichment guide for the "Day and Night" book. It looks really great! She had included history, geography, recipes, biographies, coloring pages, and an area to make your own story. This looks very helpful for when we get to that book.


Like I said before, these aren't just any regular horse books. The part that I especially liked about these books is the fact that they are written from the horse's point of view. Yep! You heard that right. The horse, who is the main character in each book, is the one telling the story. We get to see these exciting events from history from the perspective of the horses who were there. That is very different than other books that we've read. That is what makes these books very special. It really kept my attention. I know about these events and I'm not usually interested in books about animals. Not so with these! There is so much detail in them.

These are more than horse and animal books. They are historical fiction books that teach! Mattie Richardson is actually teaching about these events as she writes the books. My son learned about how the Indians were treated and what that looked like from the horse's perspective. We got to see how the different people treated their horses. I never thought about the horses having feelings as they are shifted from one owner to another. Storm, the main horse in "Appaloosy", just wanted to be free at first. He couldn't understand that he was property of the Indians. We saw his transformation from untrusting to actually wanting to help some of his owners because of their kindness towards him.


Here's what our 10 year old thought:

I thought that the book was really good in general. It had very long chapters, though. I like the story line, like how the horse went through a lot of trouble and then he finally found the home that he liked. I learned that you can't just tell horses what to do. You need to earn their trust and then they will let you ride them. 


He had trouble reading this book on his own, even though he is a good reader. There were some typos that we found, but he also thought that the chapters were long for him. I think that these books are great for me to read to him or to wait until he gets a little older, so that the length doesn't bother him. To be honest, he gets overwhelmed by the length of chapters in other books as well. I didn't think that they were especially long. There were page breaks within the chapters to help break them up. 


We are excited to be able to read the other 3 books in the Mattie Richardson's Horses in History Series by Author Mattie Richardson/Appaloosy Books. I'm curious about which one he'll pick next!


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