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Memoria Press: Traditional Spelling II Review

Updated: Jul 5

I was thrilled when we were given the chance to review Traditional Spelling II by Memoria Press. I thought that this would work for our 3rd grader to help him with Spelling. I decided to show it to him before I made a decision. I wasn't surprised by his reaction. He was very excited and wanted to get started. So when our box of supplies arrived, it was like Christmas.

Here's what all came in our box.

Traditional Spelling Book II Student Book

Traditional Spelling Book II Teacher Manual

Traditional Spelling Book II Practice Sheets

Classical Phonics, Second Edition

Phonics Flashcards

Spelling has been one of the two hardest subjects for both of our boys. Writing is the other one. We have been working through the writing problem, little by little. Spelling, on the other hand, has been a problem. I found a spelling program for our oldest, but that didn't work for our youngest. He needed another approach. That's why I wanted to try Memoria Press Traditional Spelling II.

It has been working well for him. I like how they make the lists based on sounds. They use all of the spellings of the sounds as well. Let me explain. For the Long a sound, they teach the "silent e" spelling, but also the "ay" and "ai". As a parent, I really appreciate that Coming from a teacher's point of view, I love that. It's about time that someone shows all of the ways that sounds are spelled.

I want to talk a little bit about each of the supplies that come with this pack.

Student Book

This is obviously what each student works in. There are 4 days worth of activities.

Teacher Manual

You, as the parent, can use this to guide your child(ren) through the spelling process. There are pictures of each of the Student Book with the answers included. They include what to do on each day of the week in the Student Book. There are extra activities to do each day to help with learning.

Practice Sheets

This book is to simply practice writing the spelling words for the week.

Classical Phonics

I really like this book. This helps me, as the parent, understand the different rules of the Phonics for the each week. In the Teacher Manual, it tells you what pages that you need to look at for that week. Great book!

Phonics Flashcards

These are just what they sound like they are. These are flashcards for the student to use each week. They coincide with the Phonics for the week. On the back of each card are more words to practice with that sound.

Using all of these supplies, have really helped him feel better about spelling - and writing.

One of the reasons why I really like this Spelling program, is that it isn't just about a bunch of words. One of my son's favorite parts is the story on day 3 of each week. He looks forward to reading it each week. On week 2, it was about making butter. Guess what he wanted to do? Yep, make butter. I thought that it was a great idea. He read the story and understood what he was reading. It inspired him to act. Great. He then wanted to make butter with Grandpa, since Grandpa did live on a farm, you know.

He even wanted to make a video to explain everything to you all. I love that, even though he stutters, he is still strong enough to be on video. He's a lot braver than I was at his age. Check him out! Isn't he cute?

Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all sunshine and roses. There have some not so good days. It wasn't just because of Spelling. He was just having an all around bad day. I never said that it will fix every problem your child has with Spelling, but it will help them feel more confident in it.

Traditional Spelling II is meant for 2nd-3rd graders. If you have a younger student, Traditional Spelling I is for 1st-2nd graders. Memoria Press also has Latin curriculum called Prima Latina. You should really check these out! Overall, this is a great program and we are definitely going to continue using this. I think that Traditional Spelling II from Memoria Press will really help our 3rd grader grow in his Spelling skills.

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