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Dr. Seuss Activity Ideas

Updated: Jul 5

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Our youngest son has always loved Dr. Seuss books. A couple of weeks ago, at the breakfast table, he randomly said that it would be so cool if he could make a hat like the Cat in the Hat wears.

That's when I remembered that we used to have an entire day dedicated to Dr. Seuss when I was teaching in the public school. It's called "Read Across America" and it's a huge event for elementary schools. This year (2018) it's officially celebrated Friday March 2nd.

My mom, a.k.a. Grandma, would come to my classroom and read a book to my class. I remember this one time that she read "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" and brought all of my students goldfish to eat. They loved it! If you'd like Grandma to read a Dr. Seuss book to your kids, check out all of the books that Grandma posted last year for Read Across America. Click the picture below to see all of the great books we have available.

Here are some of the fun things that I think we'll try this year.

Green Eggs and Ham - I'll be making some green eggs for him (he doesn't like ham).

Seussville.com - I'll let him have some fun on the Seussville website. They have some fun games on there.

PBS Kids - Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That Website - This is a great website that has printables and games.

Cat in the Hat hat - As I said before, our youngest wants to make a hat. Now, he was very specific about what he wants it to look like. He wants a full-blown 3D hat. I thought this one looked good to make.

Snacktime - You have to have a snack, right? Check these out! He's going to love the marshmallows!

Stacking Cups - This looks like a fun activity for the entire family. Just a few red cups and white cards and you have a fun game.

Lesson Plans and Printables - Homeschoolshare has some lesson plans and printables to check out. I think we'll download and complete the Cat in the Hat lesson plan.

Drawing the Fish - Here's a video that shows us how to draw the fish from the Cat in the Hat book.

We have put together a Pinterest board that is dedicated to Dr. Seuss activities and books. Come and join in and we'll continue to add more fun ideas as we come across them.

I think he's going to love what I've found for him to do. He's going to have so much fun and I hope he'll love his Dr. Seuss day!

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