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Homeschooling During a Stressful Time

February 11, 2019

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Life gets hard. Things go wrong. You get overwhelmed. Family gets sick. Jobs change. Your family moves. A close friend dies. Bad stuff happens to everyone. Good stuff happens, too, but that, too, can get stressful sometimes. Throughout it all, your children still need to be educated. 


So how do you continue homeschooling when life gets stressful? 


You have to go into "Survival Mode". 


What is "Survival Mode" you ask? It's when you have to deal with whatever has changed in your life, while maintaining life as usual. Especially when you have children and you are homeschooling them. You try to keep their lives as "normal" as possible, until things gets better.


What does this look like?


Go Back to Basics

Cut out the "extras". Decide on what the essentials are for your children to continue with their schooling. My high schooler needs to make sure that he does Math, History, and Biology. My 4th grader needs Math and Reading. All the other subjects will come back, one at a time, as we can handle them.


Enlist Some Help

Don't do it all yourself. If you have family or friends around, ask for their help to do a lesson or two. An older sibling That eases things from your shoulders and gives your children a different teacher for a short time. Win-Win for everyone!


Find Online Help

There are so many resources online that can help. I like to do things myself, but sometimes life gets overwhelming and I just can't. That's when I go searching online for help. Sometimes just a different method will make things easier. Don't try to change everything at once, just make a few minor changes to help. Sometimes finding worksheets or games will help your children with the skills they need to practice will help ease the stress until things get easier.



Enlist help with household chores or let some go. If you aren't already doing it, have your children help with chores around your home. If your children already help, ask them to do just a little bit more. Sometimes, you just need let some chores go to the way-side, or just for a time. Dusting can wait a week. Vacuuming doesn't need to be done every day. Do the essentials for your family to live and add more when you can.



Talk with your family about what's happening and how you're feeling. Sometimes just talking about it will help ease the stress from you. Also, while letting your family know, they know how to help. Knowing that you are stressed will help them to understand when you are not quite yourself. 


We'd love to hear from you! What do you do to just "survive" while going through a stressful time? Email us at !

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