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CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts Review

November 6, 2019

I have a name that isn't very popular, so most people don't know how to read it, spell it, or pronounce it. Before I was married, my last name was Benson. That was a name that most people could say. Then I got married and changed my last name to Mollohan. Now no one can say my first or last name. When I graduated with my Masters degree, the announcer butchered my first, middle, and last name. Ugh. You would have expected more from educated people. All that to say, names are important. I'm very aware of people's names and how they are spelled, especially any students that I have had. When we were given the opportunity to review a product that had to do with names, I was in. CrossTimber - Name Meaning Gifts did just that with their Your Amazing Name - Personalized Adventures for EVERY name gift!

I thought that this would be great for our middle son, Andrew, who is 10. We actually kept it a secret from him while we were gathering pictures to send in, so he was completely surprised when we showed him the final product. The process is quite simple. After you order the Amazing Name cartoon, you receive an email to fill out. They want information about your child, where you tell them your child's favorite colors and such. You also send in a picture of your child, a picture of something that they have colored or drawn, and a letter that you can write to your child. I needed our oldest son's help getting a picture that Andrew has drawn and my husband and I wrote the letter for him. It meant a lot to him that we all helped make it for him.


After you e-mail the form back, you just sit back and relax while CrossTimber does the rest. You receive your completed cartoon in about 2 weeks. That's it. We received it and showed it to our son without telling him what it was. Here is his reaction to him seeing his name the first time and realizing that the video was for him personally.

The cartoon went FAR above my expectations. It was a little over 28 minutes long and had his name plastered everywhere in the video! I was honestly expecting his name to be written a couple of times at the beginning and then the rest of the video to be generic. They said his name all throughout the cartoon and had it written in hidden spots throughout as well.





The picture that he drew was made into a rocket ship. Fantastic!



















They actually read the letter to him as it showed on the screen.


Granted our last name was mispronounced as well as his great-grandfather's last name, but we are kind of used to that.  

















He is 10 years old and definitely at the top of the age range, but he still loved it. This video would be great for anyone 10 and under, I would say. There were things for preschoolers just learning how to spell their name, but also things for our 10 year old who knows who "Owlexander" the Great and "Owlbert" Einstein are. 












You go with Ben the pencil as he goes on an adventure to find out what your child's name means. Andrew learned that his name originated in the Greek language and that it means "brave and courageous - one who endures faithfully".







Look at the name plaque that they showed...

(You can actually buy it if you want a "real" copy).













I actually forgot to send my form in right away. I blame it on having an infant and having too many things to do along with lack of sleep. They personally sent me an e-mail checking to make sure that I remembered to send it in by the due date for the review. They were very sweet and helpful. When they e-mailed me back, they sent information about my name in the e-mail. Such a sweet gesture and fantastic customer service! They were not like talking to a company, but like a friend.


I can see getting name items for a newborn or a birthday. These would make a fantastic gift from a grandparent. CrossTimber is a company I will be looking at to get other name gifts

Go see what the other reviewers had to say.


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