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Guess Who? Peek-A-Boo! An Autumn Guessing Book

October 24, 2019

Now that I have another little kiddo growing up in the household, my mind thinks of things that I would like to do with him. We recently started playing Peek-A-Boo with him. He just thinks we're funny and he gives us a big grin from ear to ear. Autumn is here and I wanted to be able to read him an autumn book.

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That's why I thought up "Guess Who? Peek-A-Boo! An Autumn Guessing Book". It is exactly as the title states. Various autumn objects are playing Peek-A-Boo: a pumpkin, leaves, an apple, and a scarecrow.


This is a book that you will want to put together before you read it to/with your child. The reason is because there are clues on one page and then the answer on the next. You don't want to be giving away the answer, would you? 


Anyways, the object is "hidden" behind a red leaf along with three clues for your child to guess what it is. I just think that it will be a fun book for you to do along with your child. 


We have also included a page with all of the words in the book. This is so you could help your child learn the words in this book, so they could read it to you some day! You could choose just a few "key" words for your child to look for as you are reading to them, or have them make each sentence with the word cards. 


Just click on the picture below to print! (These open best on a laptop or desktop computer.)


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