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Guitar 360 Method Review

November 15, 2018

Our family has always loved music. Growing up, I was always singing the commercials on the tv or whatever song is on the radio. I still annoy our boys by singing along with the radio while we are driving around. My husband and our two boys use music to relax. Our oldest son is like my husband and he works better while listening to music. I think that it's kind of funny that we have 3 guitars in our home and no one really plays them. Our oldest took guitar lessons for about two years (off and on) when he was younger. I was surprised that he was so excited to try Guitar 360 Method's Semester 1 Bundle to get back into playing again. 

I really like how Guitar 360 has put this course together. It is very organized and systematic. That appeals to the teacher in me. I've never played guitar in my life and have no idea what they are doing. This makes me nervous with any subject where someone else will be teaching my children. With the guitar, I can't jump in and teach it a different way so that my children will understand it better. To be honest, I was a little nervous about having our children use this program for that reason. Once they got started with it, I realized that there was nothing to be nervous about. He walks the student through learning the guitar, step by step. 


Music lessons are expensive! This is an online course that your whole family can take. One price for your entire family! They can take as long as they need to and it won't cost you any more. You got to love that you won't have to take out a second mortgage on your home just so that your children can learn to play an instrument.


As I said before, both of our children wanted to use this course. This is very rare as they are almost 5 years apart in age. That's the beauty of music, though, isn't it? Music relates to any age. Our oldest has had some lessons before, so he is going through the lessons a little faster than our youngest. I appreciate the fact that the lessons start with what the parts of the guitar are and then they move on from there. Even though our oldest is going faster than his little brother, he is still moving slowly through the lessons. He wants to make sure that he is understanding everything and takes time to practice what he is learning. 


Here is what our boys had to say about it:


9 year old

"I think that it's a great program for beginners. I am a beginner. I like it because he shows all of the details of the guitar and it also has a free song to practice and do."



14 year old

"It was a very good program. It made playing the guitar easier. The separate videos went straight to the point. They didn't add so much that you had to skip through half the video to get to what you wanted to learn. I took lessons when I was younger. This time I actually wanted to learn guitar. I knew how much work went into learning it."


That is another thing that I love about this course. It is self-paced. The classes are split up into weeks, but we are taking longer than that. Both of our boys started with the FREE Guitar Course for Beginners. YES! I said FREE! You can go check it out and have your children work through the beginner's course to see if they want to move on with Semester 1. There is so much information in that beginner's course!


I wanted to add in here that we are using this for part of our oldest son's high school credits. He needs one credit for Fine Arts in order to get into the local university by where we live. This will count for part of that credit. I'm not exactly sure how much. It depends on how much he practices and works through it. That is an added bonus in my book!


I couldn't help but record them doing a little of their classes. I put this little video together to show you how our younger son is learning how to strum the individual strings, while our older son is practicing the different strumming rhythms. 


I love the fact that they are being taught the guitar and about music. He has included music theory into the course. Your child will learn about notes, chords, keys, and scales. They will also learn how they relate to each other. Not only will they learn these things, but they will learn to hear the music and the chords. He teaches the students using a "cyclical pedagogy". That just means that it's learning in a cycle. You learn part A and then move on to part B while including part A. Everything gets used continuously so that nothing is forgotten.


We really like this program and will continue to use it! Thank you, Guitar 360 Method, for the Semester 1 Bundle. Most importantly, thank you for bringing the gift of music back into our home and encouraging my boys to want to learn how to play. 




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