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Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks Review

October 16, 2019

Our 10 year old loves to build and he has since he was old enough to hold blocks in his hands. We started him with big blocks and then he quickly moved to smaller and smaller bricks. He will spend hours in his room building. He really is quite amazing at building. He will see something on a television show and then he will build something to replicate it. That's why I knew that he would love Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks. Guess what? I was right! 


When I was growing up, my mom taught us that all of our toys needed a home. Whether it be a shelf, a bucket, or a bag, everything needed a place to go to when we were done playing with it. The problem with most toys is that once you open the package the first time, you then have to figure out how you are going to store it. Not so with these. They came with their very own red bag that doubles as a drawstring backpack. Very cool! The funny thing is that when our son opened the box, he noticed the bag too! I guess he has learned, as well, that it's much easier to put them away when there is a container for them. I was thoroughly impressed that Brain Blox thought of that little detail that means so much!


Our 10 year old opened the box, as I said, and started taking them out one by one. He was surprised that they are all the same size and shape. He was a little disappointed because he's used to blocks being all different sizes. He was wondering what all he could build with these very simple blocks. Then, he found the booklet that came with the blocks. He was surprised that all of those could be made with these little wooden blocks. He just had to try. So, he did. Frustration quickly occurred. It wasn't as easy as he thought. This was going to take some patience and perseverance in order to achieve the design that he wanted. I loved it! He needed a little challenge to enhance his building abilities. 


That's when I told him that there were videos. Hope was restored! He watched the video and then was frustrated again. It didn't show him step-by-step, like he wanted. I tried to tell him that this was not like his Legos. They were not going to tell him, piece by piece, what to do. This was more open-ended and he was supposed to use his imagination and think about how to make the items. I thought that the video was great because it did show the creations being built. I just told our son to watch part of the video, stop it, build that part, and then continue on from there. That was okay, though. Building comes easily to him and I was glad that these little wooden blocks gave him a challenge. 


He made many different things with these open-ended blocks. Look below!

He even made a game.


These Wooden Building Planks by Brain Blox are very well made. My husband has a small workshop in our garage where he builds things with wood. I was very impressed with the quality of the blocks and the bag. We will be using these for many years to come. I can't wait until our youngest is old enough to use these! We were also fortunate to review Fun Family Chess, which is also made by Brain Blox. Thank you, Brain Blox, for such a wonderfully well-made educational toys.

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