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Christmas Story Timeline

December 8, 2017

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Teaching our kids the story of Jesus' birth is THE most important story to teach them.  Knowing this story starts their life knowing Jesus. Throughout the years, we have been working really hard with our children to learn about the characters and events that are involved in what happened that special night so long ago.


I wanted something that I could use to help our younger son to learn the order of the story, so I made this timeline with the main parts of the story.  I made it, also, so that we could make it into a book.

If you would like to use this great resource for your kids, simply just print out enough copies for your children, give them scissors, and work through the story with them.  They just need to cut the pictures apart and put them in order. 


You can have them glue them onto a piece of construction paper and number the parts in order. 


Another idea is to have them cut them apart, hide them around the room, have them find each page, and then put them in order. Our youngest son LOVES when I hide his work around the room. It makes him want to do it more.


You could also have them make a book and staple the pages in order.


Have fun using this versatile activity page telling of our Savior's birth! I know we will.

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