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Journey Through the Nativity Spelling Lists & Activities

November 28, 2016

 Throughout the month of December, we will be working with our new family devotional “Journey Through the Nativity”.  I like to combine subjects whenever possible so I have decided to have our second grader have his spelling words come from the actual Bible lessons that he’s working with. Some words will be repeated as they come up a lot and I thought that it was important to make sure that they are in his long term memory.


Click on the picture below to print out the Spelling Lists for the entire devotional.


We will also be completing different activities each day in order for him to practice the words.


(disclaimer - affiliate links are used)


Mondays - writing the words in cursive

- He will write each word, in cursive, on these cute Christmas cards

- These cards will be used for the ABC order on Wednesday

- Click below to view the Christmas Writing Cards

 Tuesdays - clothespin spelling

- I found a really cute Christmas card garland, at the Dollar Tree, that had clothespins in order to hang Christmas cards. I thought that it would be perfect for spelling. It looks like this one.

- I will hang the garland up at a height that he will be able to reach the clothespins easily.

- He will use these cute Christmas letters in order to spell all of the spelling words, hanging letters on the clothespins in the correct order.

- Click below to view the Christmas letters

Wednesdays - ABC order

- We will use the cursive writing Christmas cards (from Monday) to put the words in ABC order.


Thursdays - Word Search

- He will complete the Word Search especially made for each group of words. 

- Click below to view the Word Searches

 Fridays - Test

- We will use these cute Christmas Spelling Test papers in order to make taking a Spelling test a little more fun (if that’s even possible).

- Click below to view the Christmas Spelling Test Papers

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