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Candy Corn Math Puzzles

November 1, 2016

Who doesn't love candy corn in the Fall? It just doesn't seem like Fall without eating some of the delicious candy. So why not have some Candy Corn fun?




Our youngest son, in second grade, is working on memorizing his doubles. You know, 1+1=2, 10+10=20, 50+50=100. I was looking around the web for some hands-on ideas to help him with this and came across many people doing things with candy corn. I figured I could do the same thing, but with doubles.


So here you have it: Candy Corn Math Puzzles.


Simply print out the cards below with a color printer (so you can see the colors of course!), cut the candies out as a whole and then into pieces. Put the pieces into a pumpkin (or your holder of choice) and have your child search for the parts to each candy corn puzzle. You can have them glue the completed puzzles onto construction paper or simply keep them separate so you can do it again and again! I have also added a blank page of candy corn so you could put your own math problems on them.




(just click on the picture to print)




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