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Routines and Schedules

Everyone's schedules just got a "re-boot" these last few weeks. You may have been on the go most days and nights with work, school, sports, etc. and now you find that you are home now waiting this whole thing out. You and your family are needing to have a new routine now, and maybe you're finding that it's hard to see what works.

I first wrote about this in our Homeschool Basics: Helpful Hints For The Homeschool Life! book that is available on Amazon. Go and get yourself a copy as it has a lot of helpful information about teaching your children at home, running a household, and living life with everyone at home together.

In our country, and world for that matter, people are finding themselves home with their families 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. This is a difficult time for everyone right not and we all need to help each other during this time of struggle. You may be working from home, your kids may have schoolwork that their teachers have sent and expect them to be working on. You don't want your kids just sitting in front of the t.v. all day, so how do you get through each day with purpose. Finding a new "normal" is difficult. Without a routine in place, life can be more difficult than it needs to be.

Sticking to a schedule comes easy to some people, while it is difficult for others, and some are always late every time they go somewhere. Whether you are a scheduler or a go-with-the-flow type of person, we can learn something from each other in order to make it the best for our children.

I like to use calendars in order to plan my days, weeks, months, etc. I like to be early to events and I like to have events start on time. Some people are not this way.

Being home, requires that we manage our time well. It would be easy to sleep in as long as we want, stay in our pajamas, and do school and housework whenever, if at all.

If something is “on the schedule” that puts a priority status on it. Our time is precious, so whatever makes it on our schedule needs to be important.

Routine vs Schedule

Routine is key to keeping children on track and feeling confident about what’s happening in their lives. Children, as we do, work best with set boundaries, so there isn’t any question about what to do. Routine is doing things in a specific order.

Sample Routine

Get up / Get dressed / Brush teeth

Eat breakfast

Clean room / Make bed





Rest / Quiet Time

Play Time



Go to bed

So, what is a schedule, then? A schedule is having specific times to do specific tasks. We must all keep a schedule in order to get places on time. There are things that have specific times: doctor appointments, meetings, Dad gets home from work, etc. These all need to be on our schedule.

Sample Schedule

7:00am Get up / Get dressed / Brush teeth

7:30am Eat breakfast

8:00am Clean room / Make bed

8:30am School

10:00am Snack

10:15am School

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Rest / Quiet Time

2:00pm Play Time

5:00pm Dinner

6:00pm Read

7:00pm Go to bed

Which one is better? That’s a trick question because I think that they are both important. If you notice, the schedule had the same items on its list as the routine had, just with times. We usually do the same things in the same order, right? Get up, eat breakfast, school, lunch, dinner, bed, etc. That’s a routine. When we start putting times on those items it becomes a schedule. Combining the two is the key.

Sample Routine Schedule

7:00am Get up / Get dressed / Brush teeth

Eat breakfast

Clean room / Make bed

8:30am School



12:00pm Lunch

Rest / Quiet Time

Play time

5:00pm Dinner


7:00pm Go to bed

Do you see how we have chunks of time to do a group of tasks? Everyone’s routine schedule will look different.

Balance is the key.

If you have too many times on your list, you can get bogged down with keeping to the schedule and not going with the flow of life. If you don't have enough times, you can get lost in what you are doing and not be very productive.

Again...balance is the key.

Make your schedule work for you. It’s there to help, not to hinder.

How to make a Routine Schedule

that works for your family:

  1. Jot down what you usually do, or need to do, in a day in the order that you do them.

  2. Put specific times on a few of the items. Meals and bed times are great to start with as those are usually around the same time.

  3. Remember to leave chunks of time to accomplish a few tasks that can vary in length.

  4. You may have a different Routine Schedule for you and then one for your kids.

  5. Click on the picture below to print out an Average Weekly Schedule. This may help you "see" your week at a glance.

For example: during their play time, that might be your computer/work or cleaning time. Make it work for you so that you can accomplish all that you want/need to.

You may need a different Routine Schedule for each day of the week. Do you have an online class on Thursdays, then that’s a different Routine Schedule than the other days.

That’s it! There really isn’t much that you need to do in order to have a Routine Schedule for your day. Having one in place will help you and your family be productive and live life with purpose during these very uncertain times.

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