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Help! I Need Educational Activities While My Kids Are Home!

Updated: May 17

The world seems as though it has flipped upside-down lately. Kids are at home for an extended time and parents want to keep them learning while they are at home.

We at Homeschool 4 Life have some wonderful activities that will keep your kiddos learning. Did I mention that they are all FREE and with minimal materials?

We are always looking for great ideas of new items to create. Don't hesitate to email us at info@homeschool4life.org if there is something that you are looking for! If we don't have it on our site, we'll make it for you or find another site that does have it.

Check out what we have on Homeschool 4 Life. Just click on the links below for more information.


* 12 Month Basic Bible Printable Curriulum ~ A full year's worth of Bible lessons and activities to choose from. Use just what you need!

* 13 Week Parables of Jesus Bible Lessons ~ These include printable story books, skits, and activities for each lesson.

* Liberty's Kids ~ Your kiddos can learn about the American Revolutionary War by watching the Liberty's Kids episodes, on our YouTube channel, while filling out a viewing guide.

Collected Resources

* Educational Resources ~ This pack is filled with printables for many different subjects.

* 30+ Bible Resources

* A Year of Bible Verse Coloring Pages

* Everything for the Homeschool Family ~ Resources for families

Books on Video

* Grandma's Reading Corner ~ We have over 300 books that your kids can sit and listen to Grandma read to them! There are books about the alphabet, feelings, seasons, holidays, and more!

Learning Through Books

* Shapes & Colors

* Money, Letters, and Numbers

* Manners and Virtues

* Bible

* Feelings

Book Guides

* Magic Tree House: Midnight on the Moon ~ Just purchase the book on Kindle and your children can work through the study guide as they read.

* Magic Tree House: The Hour of the Olympics ~ Your children can learn about the Olympics as they follow Jack and Annie in this great book. Just purchase the book on Kindle and print out these FREE notebooking pages.


* Walking a Number Line ~ This is great for addition or subtraction practice!

* Calendar Printables ~ This will help your children learn the months of the year, days of the week, as well as how many days are in a year, etc.

* 100s Charts ~ These are useful for many different math concepts.

* Multiplication Fact Cards ~ Just print and practice!

* Telling Time Cards ~ These are great for a little practice on how to tell time on an analog clock.

Reading, Writing, and Spelling

* The Sounds of A-Z Books ~ We have books teaching the sounds of the alphabet.

* ABC Chart ~ Help with handwriting

* 52 Research Topics for the Year ~ Do 1 or do them all. Look through the list to see what you can have your children research.

* Cursive Chart

* Blank Handwriting Paper for Younger Children ~ You may want your younger child to practice their writing, but they need the paper with the red line in the middle. We have solved your dilema.

* 5 Ways to Have Fun with Spelling

* Spelling Baseball ~ This is a fun game that can actually be played with just about any subject.


* Fruit of the Spirit Game and Book

* New Testament BINGO ~ Learn the books of the New Testament by playing BINGO

* 12 Disciples Puzzles ~ These are printable puzzles that teach your children the names of Jesus' 12 disciples

* 6 Fun and Easy Bible Games ~ These games don't take many materials to play.

* Books of the Bible Walk ~ This is like a cake walk, but with the books of the Bible.

* Noah's Ark on Video ~ Grandpa Ed teaches your children the story of Noah's Ark in 4 videos.

* Printable Armor of God ~ Teach your children about the Armor of God by letting them make their own.

* Printable Days of Creation Booklet ~ Your children can learn how God created the world by putting together this printable booklet.

* Printable Books of the Bible Chart ~ This is one of our most loved printables. Print out a copy for your children to learn the books of the Bible.

* Reading Through the Gospels in 13 Weeks ~ This printable calendar will guide you and your children through Reading the Gospels.

* The Lord's Prayer ~ Teach your children the Lord's Prayer


* Easter Books and Resources ~ We have compiled a lot of our Easter resources in one place.

* Spring Books

* How to Survive the Summer ~ Tips for creating a routine while you are home. This is not just for the summer.


* Baking Cookies for School? ~ Believe it or not, there is a TON of learning involved in baking.

* Bozo Ball Game ~ This game can be used with many different subjects.

* 10 Games That Are Educational ~ These are games that we all know and love. Did you know that they can teach us as well?

* Tic-Tac-Toe ~ Play with any information that you want your children to practice.

* 100 Family Time Activities ~ Looking for family activities? Look no further!

* Chores for Every Age Group ~ Ideas for getting your kiddos to help around the house.

* My Clean Room Checklist ~ This printable checklist will help your children know how to clean their room.

For the Parents ~

These are resources just for you, Mom and Dad!

* Balance ~ Trying to keep your life in balance is difficult.

* A Book Study on Esther ~ A chapter by chapter book study going through the book by Charles Swindoll. It's available on Kindle, so you can get started today!

* You Don't Have to Do it All!

* Use the Skills God Gave You

* God Will Never Leave You

* The Battle with Guilt is Real: Enough is Enough! ~ Dealing with guilt? Read this.

* Everyone Needs Downtime ~ Everyone in the family needs a break!

We hope that these resources will help your family while you are home. Don't hesitate to email us if you need something and you can't find it!

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