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CodeWizardsHQ Review

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Coding! I've heard it said that it is the language of the future. Our 13 year old is very interested in learning all about technology and coding. He is even thinking of getting a college degree in Computer Science so that he could create his own game. When I heard about CodeWizardsHQ I knew that he would want to try it. CodeWizardsHQ offers coding classes for kids in the public school as well as for homeschoolers.

Learning how to code is just about an essential skill for all children now days. That's why CodeWizardsHQ has created this new way to learn coding. They invented their own way to teach children how to code. When you take classes with CodeWizardsHQ, you have an actual teacher. When you register your child, and pay of course, you will sign up for a specific class. You will have the same class time and day each week for 12 weeks. Now these aren't just any classes. These are LIVE classes with an actual teacher. I really like that idea. Coding is a whole different animal of learning. What I mean by that is most parents don't know how to code. I can't help my son if his code doesn't work. During class, the teacher shows them how to do something. Then each of the students in the class, maximum 8 students per class, work on their own code on their own computer in their own home. You know what the other great thing about this is? The teacher can see their code! Yes! The teacher can see the code that each student is working on. They can help if they're having trouble. The teacher can work with each student with their own code. How great is that?

So our 13 year old took their Introductory Class. This is a great class for any of you that are possibly interested in taking further classes. This class was great because it really showed us what their live class would function. He was in a class with 4 other students, I believe, of all different ages. The teacher, Teacher Lynn, started the class a couple of minutes after the start time. This was due to the fact that one of the students' homes was getting a phone call on their computer and they didn't now how to get it off. I thought that it was funny and quite usual for an online class, especially for a first class.

Our son thought that he was just supposed to sit there and listen. He didn't realize that this was an interactive lesson and that he was actually going to be writing code. This was a problem because part of the way through the class the teacher asked how he was doing. He had to fess up and tell her that he didn't know where to go to get started. She was very sweet about it. She stopped the class and got him all caught up. Thank you, Teacher Lynn.

Look below at what he created. The teacher made the first 2 boxes to show them how to do it and then he was able to make the other boxes. I was pretty impressed for just about 10 minutes of coding.

This is also what the portal looks like when they are in the class. On the right side is where they do their work. The left side shows who is in the class, if you're muted or not, and there is a chat box where your student, the other students, or the teacher can type something. The teacher utilized this to send him a few links trying to get him caught up.

He liked the class, but said that it wasn't for him. He liked the coding and he thought the teacher was great. He is the type of learner that likes to read and teach himself. He doesn't learn well in a group. He did say, however, that this class would be great for many other children.

The price for these classes are out of our price range. It would be great for a Homeschool Co-Op since the price goes down per child. If your co-op wants to include this in your group, you would be able to choose the day and time for your class. That's a really great thing. If your group meets on Mondays, that's when you could schedule your class. Or you could even schedule it for a day that they don't meet and the children can do it all at home.

I really like the format and classes of CodeWizardsHQ. I like the fact that they have a live teacher to help the students as they are doing the live class. Then, while the children are not in class, but are working on their weekly homework, they have 24 hour access to help. That is a great thing for learning how to code. Taking this class has shown our son that he wants to learn more about coding.

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