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  • Felicia Mollohan

MarshMedia Review

MarshMedia has so many videos to view! These are videos that were mainly for public school children to view at school. There are 54 videos to view online and they are now available for the homeschool community.

I want to warn you if you look on their website. The price you will see is about $30 per video to view for 24 hours. Remember that these were made (and used primarily) for public schools to purchase and view. So that price is for possibly hundreds of students to watched in their individual classrooms or during an assembly. These will not be the prices for your homeschooling family or co-op. MarshMedia has put together a Homeschool Special just for homeschooling families, like yourself. Keep reading to find out more!

Also, these videos are not made for homeschoolers, so they do mention school and classes and such. It didn't even phase my kids, but I thought I should mention it.

I watched quite a few of the videos, including a couple of the books that they have online. There are videos on puberty, hygiene, health & safety, students with special needs, as well as guidance - which includes bullying and social skills. I had my boys watch a few as well and I had them give me their input.

Keep It Clean

This is the first video that I watched because I was interested on what it said about teenagers being clean. It is a very comprehensive video about teen hygiene like showering every day and changing your clothes. They also discuss what happens to your sweat and oil glands during puberty as well as why teens may get acne. I appreciated the fact that they brought up how loud music through earbuds and why that could damage their ears. I had my 12 year old (he'll be 13 in July - yikes!) watch this one. It was nice that someone else was telling him the things that we were already telling him. He said that it had good information, but he wondered why they had to rap it. I thought it was a good presentation, but he just thought that it was a little strange.

You're Not a Little Kid Anymore

The information in this video is almost exactly like the "Keep It Clean" video that I mentioned above, it's just in a different format, and it is geared towards younger kids.

Wash Those Hands

This one I had my 7 year old (now 8 year old - where has the time gone?) watch. It was great because it talked about germs, the right way to wash your hands, and that it's good to sneeze into your sleeve if you can't get to a tissue fast enough. His reaction to the video was, "So they're telling me that I basically have to wash my hands after and before I do ANYTHING?" It does give a long list of times that you need to wash your hands, so it did seem as though they should be washing their hands continuously - or just don't touch anything. I just told him that you just have to take what information you can from it and just be aware of the germs that are around (or I think you could turn into "bubble boy").

Go Slow Whoa

Our 7 year old enjoyed this one. It is set in a game show type setting where you have the "Go" foods (the healthy food you should eat all of the time) against the "Whoa" foods which are the foods that are unhealthy for you and that you should only eat every so often. He liked the big glass of water at the end of the show. Great information about healthy eating.

Bailey's Birthday

This is a book that is read on video while the child is looking at the book. This is about a dog, Bailey, who has a birthday coming up. He really wants a lot of presents, but ends up with just a bandana and a kiss. He is disappointed until he realizes what the real gift is that he has had all along. I liked this video because it talks about being content with what you have and not comparing what you have to what others have.

Straight Talk About Anger

This video is in a "Call-in-Talk Show" sort of format. There are two hosts that answer questions about anger. I thought that they had some good points and solutions on how to deal with your anger. I liked that they talked about the reasons why someone is angry and that it could stem from hurt.

Straight Talk About Peer Pressure

This was in the same format as the "Straight Talk About Anger" video. They had some good solutions for dealing with peer pressure for kids and teens.

Bea's Own Good

This is another book that was read. It is about a bee that wanted to do whatever she wanted and didn't want to follow the rules of the beehive. So one day she ventures out past the beehive's boundaries and it looks like it could be the end of Bea. Then the beekeeper saves her. She realizes that the rules are there for her safety and well being, not to spoil her fun.

Now for the Homeschool Special! If you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the MarshMedia curriculum to your home schooler(s) click for more information:

Homeschool Special

Those are just some of the videos that MarshMedia has on their website to view. I think that this would be a good resource for homeschool co-ops where you could split the costs or even single homeschool families if you think that you would view various videos.

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