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Updated: Mar 25

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Do you ever feel like your life is out of whack? I mean, you just can't put your finger on what's going wrong? You mentally go through everything that you are doing and they are all good and/or necessary, but it still seems as though you are running around like a chicken without a head.

Well, your life may be out of balance.

If our family had a word that we try to model our life after, it would have to be "Balance". We are constantly talking about having balance in life and how it is so easy to get out of balance. We need to have a balanced life of family, friends, school, work, faith, fun, etc. It all needs to balance out in the end. If we work too much, we aren't getting enough fun time. If we are doing too much together school work, we aren't having enough individual time. You get the idea.

Trying to find balance in my life is like trying to hit a moving target. Once I think that I have it, something else happens to throw it off-kilter. It seems like it is constantly changing. Will everything ever be perfectly balanced? No Way! But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive for that.

What do you spend your time doing? I created this simple Average Weekly Schedule printout. Once you have printed it out, by clicking on the picture below, go ahead and fill it out. See where you spend your time. Is your life out of balance? Are you spending way too much time at social events and not enough time at home chilling out with your family?

As we are moving towards summer, this is a great time to work on getting our life into balance. Will you have seasons where you need to spend more time on one area of your life more than the others? Of course. Moving? Yep, takes a lot of time. Sick child or parent? Yep. Family vacation. Of course! Struggling with one child over another. This happens and you need to spend more time with that child for now. But these seasons won't last forever.

As you are making decisions about your schedule and life, keep the word "Balance" in mind. Will you have to say "No" to a fun event? Probably, if your family needs you. Will you need to put aside the curriculum in order to be there for your teenager who has questions? Yes!

Balance is the goal!

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