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Household Chore Ideas for Different Age Groups

June 24, 2019

Everyone's home needs to be cleaned. We have always believed that if you live in the home, you need to contribute to taking care of it. Once they are old enough to play with toys, they are taught how to put them away. A young child who is sitting can put the toys back into the bucket. Of course, it's a game and that's great. You are, however, teaching them how to tidy up their messes.

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As our children grow older, they are continually taught new skills that they are able to handle. Cooking, cleaning the bathroom, doing their laundry, changing the air filter, etc. are all skills they will need to know when they leave our home, so we are teaching them how to do them while they are still in our home.


So what can our children do at different age groups? Well, I've put together a small list of household chores that you could teach your children at different ages. Please remember that all children are different and it's important to know what your chidlren can do.


Babies 0 - 1 year old

* toys back in bucket


Toddlers 1 - 4 years old

* Empty small trash cans

* Fold washcloths

* Put laundry in hamper

* Put dishes in sink

* Pass out napkins for a meal/snack

* Clean up their room (with help)

* Scrub toilet bowl


Young Elementary  Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

* Sweep

* Help bake/cook

* Dust

* Fold hand towels

* Do own laundry (with help at first)

* Change batteries in remotes, toys, etc.

* Straighten pillows, blankets, etc. 

* Help take care of pet

* Scrub bathtub


Older Elementary 4th Grade - 6th Grade

* Mop

* Take kitchen trash to dumpster

* Pull dumpsters to street for garbage pick up

* Learn to bake (may need help with oven)

* Fold bath towels

* Vacuum

* Clean sink & counters


Middle School 7th - 8th Grade

* Change air filter

* Clean entire bathroom


High School

* Should be able to do most things around the home

As you can see, chidlren of all ages can be helping out around the home. When your children are smaller, have them join you in whatever you are doing. They can be Mommy and Daddy's helper. As with anything, you can't just tell your children to do something without first teaching them how to do it.


Would it be easier to just do all of these things yourself? Sometimes. Is that doing your children any favors? NOPE! It is good for your children to learn how to take care of a home, so they will know what to do when they have their own.


This is just a general list of what children could handle at these ages. Of course, you know your children and situation best, so please make your best judgment on what they should be helping with.

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