The Most Precious Gift ~ A Free Christmas Play

Looking for a play with you can have your children do that will also teach them the story of the birth of Jesus?


Look no further!


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The most important thing that we can teach our children is the story of Jesus' birth. This time of year seems as though it gets drowned out with what the world thinks is important: gifts, candy, parties, and such. How do you compete with that? There is no competition - Jesus wins every time.


Do you ever wish that you could still teach your children the precious story of our Savior's birth in a fun and engaging manner? 


I have written a Christmas play that shares the story of Jesus' birth that you can print and perform in your homeschool.


It is written where you only need one person who can read (which can be you). You can have your children perform or have them do a puppet show.


Just click on the picture below to print it out! I hope that you enjoy!


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