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In honor of Independence Day, I wanted to give you all a special treat. About a year ago, we decided to use the Liberty's Kids videos as our history. If you haven't heard of the Liberty's Kids, these videos go through the entire story of the Revolutionary War. They follow the (made up) characters of James, Sarah, and Henr√≠. 


James is an orphan colonist working for Benjamin Franklin. Sarah is an English citizen trying to find her father. Henr√≠ is from France and also stays with Benjamin Franklin. 

If you are wanting a great video series to teach your children about the Revolutionary War, then Liberty's Kids is it. They will meet Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson to name just a few.


I didn't just want my kids to watch videos passively, so I created viewing guides to go along with each episode. I have children who are 5 years apart, so I made an Older Elementary Viewing Guides as well as Younger Elementary Viewing Guides. These Viewing Guides are questions for the children to watch the episodes in order to find the answers. This will help them to be more engaged while watching. Oh, and I've included an Answer Guide with each set so that it's easier for you to grade, if that's what you want to do.


I want to give them to you all for free! Just click on the pictures below to print them out. This would make a great Back-to-School series for your kids to learn from.
























You can get these videos for your homeschool from Amazon. They are pretty cheap for 40 episodes.


Get them today so that you're ready for when school starts again.




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