The Giant Jumperee - A Book Review & Activities

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I was so excited when I received this book in the mail from Penguin Random House! It's called The Giant Jumperee and it's by Julia Donaldson and Helen Oxenbury. 


I just love kids' books! This is such a cute book. Look at my 7 year old diving into it.





Summary of the book:

Rabbit is just trying to go home, but there's something in his burrow! It's the Great Jumper! Rabbit is too afraid to get it out and so are some of his friends. I don't want to give away the ending - sooooo - you'll just have to go read it yourself.




As we were going through this book, so many ideas were popping into my head for activities to go along with this book.



As you read your child this book, stop as you get to each animal. Ask them if they think that the Giant Jumperee will come out for that animal.



Ask your child what animal they think is going to try next.



Simply put, this is when we give a human word for a non-human sound. For example, "meow", "roar", etc. You can talk with your child about what the animals sound like in real life.


Animal Homes

All of the animals are trying to get the Giant Jumperee out of Rabbit's burrow. You could learn about the different homes of all of the animals in the book.


Animal Actions

Have your child act like each animal.


Animal Research

Look up each of the animals on the internet or look up books at the library to learn about each of the animals in the book.



I even put together a couple of printables for you all!


Here's the first one.

Just click on the picture below to print it out.


Activities to do with this printout:


Cutting Practice

Have your child cut out each of the boxes on this page.


Animal Parts

Talk about which animals have tails? Are they big or small tails? What size ears do they have? Do they jump? 



All of these animals are different sizes and I made the boxes to correlate with that. Have your child put the animals in order from the smallest to the largest. Mix them up and then have them put them in order from largest to smallest.


Book Sequencing

Have your child put the pictures in order from the first animal mentioned in the book to the last.



Here is the next printout that I have for you.

Just click on the picture below to print it out!


With this printout, you could print it out and give it to your child to fill out on their own or you could do it together. It really depends on how old your child is and if they are ready for writing on their own.


So, there you have it! I really love this book and think that (even though it's a little kids' book) there are so many activities that could be done with it.

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(It just came out today 4/18!)



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