homeschool4life Review ]]> Felicia Mollohan, 09 Jan 2020 00:35:45 +0000
We have been given and using the Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership from This membership has been, and continues to be, such a blessing to our family. There are many reasons why I cherish this membership, but I think that the main reason is that you can use one membership for your entire family! As a parent with multiple children, in a VERY wide age range at 15, 10, and almost 6 months, it is a relief that there aren't separate memberships that have to be bought. Trust me when I say that the fee for a one year membership is WELL worth everything that you get with it.
We used the high school Biology this past year. I looked around for a basic, but quality, biology course that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg. He isn't going into a career field that has anything to do with biology, medicine, etc., so my husband and I felt that he didn't need anything too extensive or advanced. In Arizona, where we live, our son has to have 3 years of lab sciences. Biology is named as a required course, so that meant that I had to go searching for something that didn't cost hundreds of dollars and that wasn't going to be too advanced for him. That's when I remembered about our subscription. I can't tell you how relieved I was to find that the class that is offered is a quality program and it was FREE with our subscription! All we needed to buy was a dissection kit and that wasn't even needed until the end of the class. We were able to save for it, but it wasn't too expensive anyways. We can save the dissection tools for our other sons, which helps with the costs later.
The Biology course gave him a full high school credit and counts as his lab science. Wonderful! We downloaded the book on his computer and printed out the weekly lesson plans, so that he knew exactly what was expected of him each week. The lesson plans really helped me out because all of the work was already done for me. Score! We were able to use these, but then adapt them to what we needed. Since this year had a huge change happen to our family, a.k.a. we had a baby, we needed some flexibility. The lesson plans allowed us to adapt the schedule for our family's needs.
There are a few things that we are going to try to insert into our homeschool this year. These are more videos, video lessons, and the focused learning centers. Did you know that there is a video class for elementary Spanish? My 10 year old would love this! There are printouts and videos for each lesson, so he can see the language as well as hear and speak it. Awesome!
In the focused learning centers, there are resources to help with just about any subject: math, science, English, etc. There are games, activities, videos, and lessons to help you help your child learn what they need to. There are subjects that we need help with and is coming to the rescue!
When our youngest son is old enough, I am going to dive into the Literacy Center. I love that it gives a checklist for you to figure out where your child is with learning to read. This is similar to something that I had to do when I was student teaching in a kindergarten classroom. It will be a fantastic resource when we are read to use it in a few years.
As you can see, is an amazing resource to homeschooling families. When you purchase their Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership, you have resources for your entire family! It is well worth the price! If you purchase before February 2020, you pay only $99 for an entire year of resources and classes. That's close to a 45% discount from their usual price of $179. Even at full price, it's a steal. I was looking at Biology classes alone for over $200. So, we saved money just for that one class, let alone everything else that you get along with it. Go check it out!
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