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Love of Jesus BINGO

February 1, 2017

 Here is our #1 activity in our 14 Days of Valentine Activities


We are starting our Valentine activities with a BINGO game, but not just any 'ol regular everyday Valentine's Day BINGO game. No way, José! Not here at Homeschool 4 Life. 


We have a "Love of Jesus" BINGO game. You will need markers for the BINGO cards. I like to use conversation hearts because they are "valentiney" (is that even a word?) and they are yummy!


You will need to print a few things in order to play the game:


1) BINGO Cards

There are 10 versions of the BINGO card. Print one, print them all. Printing them in color for a better picture, but blank and white works fine too. You can choose to laminate them, too, if you want to use them over and over or keep them for next year. Laminating also makes the pictures really bright as well.



The laminator below is really close to the one that I have and these are the laminating sheets that I buy. They work great!


2) Calling Cards

Print this page, laminate, and cut out. Put the pictures in a bowl to use as the calling cards.


3) Love of Jesus Bible Verse Papers

These papers are needed to play the BINGO game to its fullest. You see, on every BINGO card, there are Bible Verse references: Romans 5:8, John 3:16, etc. Each time one of these Bible Verses are called, have someone look it up on the Bible Verse papers and read it out loud. Just click on the picture to print and laminate. (affiliate links are used)

All you have to do is print everything, cut a few items, get something to use as a marker on the card, and there you have it - The Love of Jesus BINGO Game!


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