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10 Items A Newly Pregnant Mom Can Use

February 6, 2019

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. There are also links on this page that if you simply click on them, that will benefit our family with no purchase necessary. Thank you for supporting our blog. **


I am just now ending my first trimester of my 3rd pregnancy. A lot of what I went through/am going through is familiar to me and I didn't have many questions about what was going on. 


This was not so when I was going through my first pregnancy. I didn't know what I was going to need/want to be able to "survive" that first trimester of pregnancy.


I thought it might be a good idea to make a list of items that were useful for me during this time. If you're pregnant, this might help you be a little more prepared for what you'll be feeling during this first part of your pregnancy.


Not pregnant? Do you know of someone who is? Maybe you can put together a gift basket of items that you can give to the new mother so that she will feel little more prepared for what's happening.


1) A New Cup

Pregnancy leaves you thirsty. I seem to always be thirsty, so a nice new cup is fun to carry around. Check out this set of 4 colorful cups with straws and lids! I love cups with lids because I tend to be clumsy and spill.


2) Bottles of Water

This goes along with #1. If they are anything like me, they will be thirsty. Giving a couple of bottles of water will tell them that it's okay to drink as much water as they want.


3) Juice Bottle

I get this metallic taste in my mouth during the first trimester of pregnancy. I looked it up and it's just all of the hormones that are going crazy in my body and it's normal. It's still not pleasant. Gatorade or a juice bottle might taste a little better than water in order to get that taste out of your mouth.


4) Hard Candy

This goes right along with #3. I had some hard candy with me all of the time to suck on to help with that metallic taste. Jolly Ranchers were wonderful for me! Here is a 5 pound bag that should get you through.

5) Blanket & Pillow

Pregnancy makes you tired. Giving a blanket and a pillow gives them permission to take a nap when they need to. 


6) Lotion / Face Moisturizer / Lip Balm

My skin always feels extra dry when I'm pregnant. Having nice lotion, face moisturizer, and lip balm helps that chapped itchy feeling from dry skin. It gives some much needed relief.

7) Crackers / Popcorn / Snacks

Nausea hits most pregnant women. I'm not sure why they call it "morning sickness". I had it all day long with all three pregnancies. You don't feel like eating, but you know that you need to. Crackers, popcorn, fruit, trail mix, etc. are all great choices to stuff in the gift bag for the new mother. Have some variety because what sounds good one day, might not sound good the next day.

8) Gift Card

Your body changes during pregnancy and you might want some baggier pants and shirts so you feel a little more comfortable. Having a gift card for a clothing store would be a great idea to give so that it the new mother can go and get something that comfortable without feeling the hit at the bank. Gift cards for food places are also a wonderful idea. I did not feel like cooking much during my 1st trimester. Having the choice to eat out or at least get drive-thru would be a relief to the nausea driven momma.

9) Body Pillow

Sleeping becomes a little challenging as your body is changing. I have found a body pillow (as low as $8.74 at Walmart). It is extremely helpful during this time.

10) A Listening Non-Judgmental Ear

This should probably be #1 on the list, but I didn't write these in any specific order. Any pregnancy, planned or not, is scary and life-altering. Having someone who will just listen to you spout off about what you're feeling, without feeling judged or criticized, is priceless!

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