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7 Reasons Why I'll Buy Cards at the Dollar Tree

Updated: Jul 1

Can you believe how expensive cards have gotten? Before Father's Day, my boys and I were at the store and we decided to get their dad and grandpa cards. I guess I'm just a cheapskate because spending $7 or more on a card seems a little ridiculous.

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I was reminded that the Dollar Tree has cards. Over 6,800 Dollar Tree stores nationwide are celebrating 1 year of carrying Expressions from Hallmark, which are $1 each, and Heartline a Hallmark Company, 2 for $1 greeting cards. These aren't just any cheap cards. These are directly from Hallmark! So you know that these are quality cards that you would be proud to give to those that you care about.

Here are 7 reasons why I really like these cards:

1) They are from Hallmark. Enough said.

2) They have different colored envelopes.

3) Some of the cards are textured.

4) The cards are a great size that will only cost you 1 stamp to send.

5) Some of the cards have Bible verses on them.

6) There are such a wide variety of cards for all occasions: sympathy, birthday, thanks, thinking of you, etc.

7) They cost $1 or less. This gives anyone the opportunity to show those that they care about how they feel by giving a card.

These cards are exclusively at Dollar Tree. Since the Dollar Tree is celebrating, they want to give 20 people a wonderful prize! Click HERE for a chance to win a box FULL of greeting cards and note cards + a $100 Dollar Tree Gift Card!

For more information about these great cards from Hallmark at the Dollar Tree, Click HERE.

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