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Teach Sunday School Review

Updated: Jul 3

We have always had Bible as a subject in our homeschool. We feel that it is just as important, if not more important, for our boys to learn about the Bible. We start with the basic Bible stories and then work through the books of the Bible. We like for them to have a good overview of the Bible. That is exactly what our 4th grader was doing. He was working through each book of the Bible. Then we were given the chance to review the Books of the Bible At-a-Glance from Teach Sunday School.

This is such a wonderful resource! At it's so cost effective for any homeschool, family, or church. I love that it is a digital product so you can print however many books of the Bible that you want to at a time. When you purchase Books of the Bible At-a-Glance, you are allowed to print as many copies as you need for your church or for your own personal use. Wow! What a blessing for any family or church.

Most small churches do not have a budget for curriculum. This could be Sunday School curriculum for over a year. The teachers could just go over one book of the Bible per week in their classes. The book of the Bible is the story itself. You could put together a timeline on the wall. Each week, the students can put when the book was written on the class timeline. Then you could even have individual timelines for each student to use.

I just bought a colored printer just before we got these. I was so excited to be able to print them out in color! Then, I put our youngest to work laminating each of the pages. We did only a few a day, so it didn't seem like such a gigantic job.

When each of the groups of books were done being laminated, it was time to play. On the first day, I threw the papers on the floor. He was so surprised, but then realized that it was now a game.

He really liked these pages. I was actually surprised how much he liked them. I think part of it was that he was able to play with them on the floor (always a bonus). Each time we worked with the pages, he was to put the books of the Bible in order. At first, he didn't realize that the number of where it comes in the Bible is listed on the page itself. He didn't really need it though, only for some of the tricky ones. then he would read through a few of the pages a day. He enjoyed this a lot. He said that his favorite part of the page was the "Famous Bible Verses" section. I thought that was so cool that it was his favorite.

There is so much information on each of these pages. There is the book name, author, and where it comes in the Bible. Then there is the famous stories and verses. Last is the section of any important points that should be brought out about that particular book.

This is a wonderful resource. It actually goes so well with our 12 Month Basic Bible Printable Curriculum. So simple, but it has so much to offer! Thank you, Teach Sunday School, for putting in the work of researching all of this information for us! We love Books of the Bible At-a-Glance!

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