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Heirloom Audio Review

Updated: Jul 3

The boys and I have breakfast together each morning. It's a great time to chat about our day and listen to some Heirloom Audio. We were given the chance to listen to their new cd, St. Bartholomew's Eve.

Heirloom Audio is a Christian company that produces Christian audio dramas that are safe for the entire family. They base their dramas on G. A. Henty's historical adventure books. There are a lot of G. A. Henty's books on Amazon. Many of them are free for their Kindle version.

St. Bartholomew's Eve takes place after Martin Luther and John Calvin in about the 1560s. The huguenots, they pronounced it "hugenoes", were French Protestants who were persecuted for their faith. They fought against the catholics. The catholics were mad because the huguenots had some different beliefs. I appreciated the fact that Heirloom Audio brought out that not all of the catholics were gains the huguenots. Sometimes when we learn about these history stories, we just assume that everyone in that group believed the same thing or did the same thing. Not all of the catholics agreed with fighting the huguenots about their beliefs. They just wanted to live in peace.

I really liked that the Huguenots, in the story, prayed before they went into battle. I loved that they actually prayed the armor of God. You know the "armor of God", right? It is written in Ephesians 6:10-17. Paul tells the Ephesians to "put on the armor of God". If you are unfamiliar with it, go read about it in your Bible. We have even created some materials to help your children learn more about the armor of God.

This story is about war and fighting, so there are some war scenes. These scenes can be intense for some young children. You may want to make sure that you listen with them. There is some screaming, a boy, Argento, loses his leg. There is a barrier of dead cattle for protection and then there were some bodies floating in the water. It's war. There are some nasty things that happen in war. These were the parts that interested my 14 year old because they brought the story to life.

When the Huguenots felt as though their end was near and they were losing hope, they started to sing the hymn "A Mighty Fortress is Our God". I have sung this song many, many times in my life. Hearing them sing it in context gave it more meaning. They really needed God to be their fortress. They were going to lose their lives and they needed help.

Here is what our boys had to say:

(14 year old)

A lot of the old catholics did not behave as Christians should. They talked like French people which is how they talked there.

(9 year old)

I really liked how they talked. I liked how they traveled from country to country.

As you can see, they both liked that they sounded like they were actually French. That's probably my favorite thing about Heirloom Audio. They make these stories come to life and make you feel as though you are actually there. It was very enjoyable to listen to St. Bartholomew's Eve with our boys. We learned a lot about the huguenots and how they fought for their religious freedom.

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