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Reading Eggs Workbook Review

Updated: Jul 3

Well, I think school is in full swing for most of us now and so our minds are all asking "How am I going to teach my children what they need to know this year?" That's why I was so glad to be able to review the Reading Eggs workbook. They have reading workbooks for grades K-5 and Math workbooks for grades K-2. Since our youngest is in 4th grade, we reviewed the 200 Essential Reading Skills for Fourth Grade workbook. I can't believe he's in 4th grade! Where has the time gone?

We reviewed Reading Eggs Online last year. Check out our post HERE. We really like this program. Our 4th grader still asks to use it. That's why we were thrilled when Reading Eggs came out with a workbook to go along with their online material. Wonderful!

He dove right in to the workbook. The pages are very colorful and that caught his attention. The picture below shows that he is using the PDF pages that we were sent until we received the full workbook. I printed them on our colored printer so that they would be just like the workbook for him.

I love how the stories in the workbook are in their online program as well. In the workbook, they have taken parts of the stories for the children to work with. Then they can go online to read the entire story. This is great! That is one of the complaints that I have about other workbooks and reading books. They don't give the child the complete story. With Reading Eggs, they have access to the entire story so that they can see where the part from their workbook falls.

The Reading Eggs workbook is split up into weeks. The pages for each week are labeled Day 1, Day 2, etc. through Day 5. This makes it easy to find your place. It also is wonderful for the student to know how much work they need to accomplish on any given day. We try to homeschool 4 days a week, so he had to complete 2 days worth of work on one day each week. This didn't seem to be a problem for him. Days 1 & 2 are Reading Comprehension, Days 3 & 4 are Spelling, and Day 5 is Grammar.

Reading Eggs does a great job with the reading comprehension portions of the workbook. They are really detailed in getting the child to understand the story. Look at the screenshot that I have taken below of one of the stories from the 4th grade book.

The child is to read the passage and then complete the various tasks with the passage. They are asked to circle, highlight, color, underline, etc. different aspects of the passage. This is a great way to help the child to understand the passage better and to see some of the various details within it. Then they answer some questions about the passage. On the second day of reading comprehension, the child reads another portion of the same story. This is really great as it is continued with the first day, but with new information and new details to learn.

It was no surprise to me that our 4th grader did not like the Spelling portion of the workbook. He doesn't like writing. He doesn't like spelling. I thought that Reading Eggs did a good job with the spelling pages of the workbook. I really liked how the student was introduced to different spelling patterns and sounds. I do appreciate that there isn't a spelling test at the end of the week (I have always thought that spelling is to be used within writing, not for a test).

I have to be honest. I have never heard of a "trigraph". Digraph, yes, but not a trigraph. It makes sense, though. Since a digraph is two letters put together to make one sound, a trigraph is three letters. I like the teaching portion at the top of each spelling page. This helps me know how to teach him these words. Since he doesn't like writing, I didn't always make him write the words. Sometimes, he pulled out his trusty foam letters or velcro spelling folder to "make" the words. This worked much better for him.

We have worked through some grammar, but this stretched him just enough. It took what he already knew and took him to the next step. Love that! The grammar is easily explained so that the child can understand it. I am not the greatest at grammar (I can do it, but I have a hard time explaining it). So, these pages worked out great for both of us.

The wonderful people at Reading Eggs want to bless you all! Here is a code for 10% off of your own workbook. Just enter WK10B0I6W1T when you purchase. They would also love to give you 4 free weeks to their Reading Eggs Online site. Follow this link: https://readingeggs.com/crew56/

I am thrilled that we were able to review the Reading Eggs workbook 200 Essential Reading Skills for 4th Grade. We will continue to use this book this year for his reading. Thank you, Reading Eggs, for making this great workbook to go along with your already wonderful online program!

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