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Work It In Wednesday ~ Back to School Blog Hop

Updated: Jul 3

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Here we are on Work It It Wednesday of the Homeschool Review Crew Blog Hop. I hope that you've been finding some great resources so far from all of the great writers.

Yesterday I mentioned how our oldest is in high school. I have got to tell you that he spends a lot of time working on his assignments. Math can take him anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours. That is a lot of brain power going into a subject at one time. Math is his hardest subject so we always work that in first. Depending on the day, he usually takes a break. I struggled with this at first, coming from a public school setting where students go from one subject to another.

That is one of the perks of homeschooling. We can make this work out for the best for our kids. Some days he needs a break. Some days he doesn't. It really depends on how difficult the math lesson was. Sometimes it depends on how well he slept the night before and if he's tired or not.

He gets a weekly schedule of the lessons that need to be completed for that week. Math is 4 days a week, while History/English/Bible and Logic are 5 days a week. Once he starts Biology in September, that will be 3 days along with the coding and Grammar that he's working through already. He knows what needs to be done and we both make sure that he keeps up with it.

So, how does he get all of his work done if he takes a break? Around 4 o'clock he will head back to the kitchen table to work on his coding and grammar (both computer based classes). If he didn't get to his History/English/Bible or Logic class in the morning, he will work on that at night before he goes to bed. These classes are easier for him, so he doesn't need me to work with him. We just review them the next morning.

With high school level work, I have learned that I need be flexible with the schedule of the day. Some days, he is just so tired that he can't even think straight. Other days, he comes in for breakfast in the morning and tells me that he worked ahead the night before on some of his work. As long as he gets done for the week what's on the schedule, I'm good.

Keep in mind that the first month with a new curriculum is always tricky. You are figuring out how to use it and what works best for your child. Adjust your schedule as needed to make everything work for your child and family.

Come see what the other writers have done!

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