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Branch Out World Review ~ Paddington Bear Study

Updated: Jul 3

When I was a kid, I loved Paddington Bear. My mom and I used to read the book and watch the video. I loved how simple they were, but they had a lot of meaning and love written in them. Branch Out World has given us the opportunity to share this great book with my younger son. They have made this into a literature study as part of their Picture Book Explorers series. Guess what? He loved it as much as I did.

Branch Out World created a printable 69 page Literature Study. If you've been around here much, you know how much we love school curriculum that is printable! It saves space on your shelves and you can print just the pages that you want to use or need to read. Love it!

This printable Literature Study is written so that you go through the book for a 5 day period. This doesn't have to be 5 days in a row, but the days shouldn't be too far apart with too many or long breaks. We completed it on a within a two week period working on it three days one week and two days the next. For the Literature Study, you read through the book each day. We have never done that before and I wasn't sure how it was going to work. On day 1, we read every other page. On day 2, he was feeling more confident with reading and he read more of the book without even thinking about it. On day 3, he read the entire book to me. On days 4 and 5, we watched a video with the book reading it to him. He really liked listening to the story on tv.

As you can see, he had to get his brown bear so that he could read to him. It was really cute to see him really get into this book!

Each day of the study, there are activities to choose from. Branch Out World lets you know that you do not have to do all of the activities. They put multiple activity ideas so that you and your child can choose which activities they are interested in. Day 1 is "Exploring the Setting", Day 2 is "Exploring the Words", Day 3 is "Exploring the Pictures", Day 4 is "Exploring Science", and Day 5 is Exploring Maths, Crafts, & More".

The activities were really great! We had fun finding Peru and England on the globe and working with some printable maps on Day 1. On Day 2 we talked about the book and about how people can help others. There was a picture study for Day 3 that we really enjoyed. This is where he looked at a specific picture for a time and then had to remember everything that he could about that picture. He also learned about "overlapping". He really liked this activity. He made a picture of some fruit to practice what overlapping is. This was great because he noticed overlapping in art and tv even weeks after we did the activity. That means it was a meaningful activity for him.

On Day 4 he looked up what bears live in Peru. He also learned that there actually is a train station that is called Paddington Station. It has a statue of Paddington Bear at the station. He thought that was so cool! He even took a picture of it on his iPad.

He loved making a picture of Paddington with shaving cream on Day 5.

I really liked how the activities were diverse and fun. There is a little bit of everything in there to be interesting to every child. Branch Out World did a fantastic job with the activities to make this book come to life. I am thankful that I was able to share this beloved book, Paddington Bear, with my son.

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