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Bible Study Guide for All Ages Review

Updated: Jul 3

Our younger son is always excited when something comes down the line for him. He was especially excited when he saw that it was Bible Study for All Ages. We received the Intermediate (3rd & 4th grade) set which included the Intermediate Student Pages, Intermediate Teacher Key, and Bible Book Summary Cards. We were also fortunate to be able to use the Wall Maps and Timeline Set. He was ready to get started!

Being the visual and kinesthetic learner that he is, he wanted to use the Timeline and Wall Maps first. He had enough room on the walls in his room to be able to post these and keep them up all of the time. He was "over the moon" with excitement that he got to keep them!

Here's the timeline. The size of the time line is 76" x 25". I think it looks great with the Ironman, Star Wars and Spiderman pictures, don't you. Come to think of it, this picture kind of shows our family. We all like super heroes and Star Wars. We love the ultimate super hero, Jesus, more. Do you see that little blue binder that is being held up to the left of the timeline? That binder is what holds all of the labels that you will need for the timeline and the maps. The labels are numbered by what lesson they correspond to. It makes it really easy to find them (once you realize that you're supposed to look there). More about that later.

Here he is placing a label where it belongs on the timeline.

This was one of his favorite parts.

Next came the wall maps. There are three of them in total. The sizes of the three maps are 38" x 25", 19" x 25" and 19" x 25". These are big maps. I wanted to make sure that you all knew the sizes so you can see if you have enough room for them in your home or classroom at church. Here's one of them with both of our boys working on it. It warms my heart to see them working together.

Remember earlier when I said "more on that later". Here's the later. I looked in the little blue binder for the labels. I couldn't find the ones that we needed or the maps. So, we decided to just write the labels on the map itself. I was having our oldest work with us that day, so I thought this would be good for him to do. They both worked on it together, but he just was the one to write it. Then we went to put the labels on the timeline and voilá, the labels magically appeared. My eyes had skipped right over them. So, the younger one and I ended up putting them on the next day.

So here's how a typical lesson goes. My son used the Student Pages while I had the Teacher Key. I want to talk with you about each section in the lessons.

Here they are:

Remember it?

Reviews what the student has already learned

Memory Workout

Sing a song

Review the Bible Book Summary Card

~ There is a small card for each book of the Bible that teaches

the child about what happens in each book.

Guess What?

Gives information needed for the lesson

Time Line / Map

There is a mini timeline on these pages. These are if you don't have the wall timeline or maps. We used both.

Get Active

Exactly what it says. This gets the child moving and doing something that pertains to the lesson. In the picture below, he's building a maze out of Legos. This was to talk about who it's easier for to complete: the person going through the maze or the person who is looking at the whole maze from above.

Apply it!

A real-life example is given for the child to discuss.

Questions about the story are here

Prayer List

Blank lines for the child to write down any prayers that they may have.

Discover the Bible

This walks the child through the details of the story for that lesson.

We started each lesson with me reading the Bible story. I loved the addition of the timeline and maps to the lessons. These really helped establish to our son that these are real people in real places.

These lessons work with many of the learning styles. I noticed that it used the visual, kinesthetic, musical, and auditory learning styles for sure. These lessons can be used at home with your children or in your Sunday School class at church. The only downfall that I saw was that when you buy them, you have to buy them in parts. We received one part which had 26 lessons. These would go pretty quickly if we were doing 3-4 a week.

I really liked this program. It made sense for our younger son. He loved the maps, timeline, and the "Get Active" part of each lesson the most. Thank you, Bible Study Guide for All Ages, for giving us the opportunity to work through the Intermediate set as well as the Wall Maps and Timeline Set. It gave us a different way to study the Bible stories that we know and love.

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