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MaxScholar Review

Updated: Jul 3

Our eight year old boy, who's in third grade, really enjoys taking classes on the computer. He was very glad when we were given the opportunity to check out the Reading Intervention Programs by MaxScholar.

We started out with our son taking a "placement" test of sorts. He was able to start in Level 1. We weren't sure what they meant, but we went with it. It was simple to begin. He just simply selects his user id, adds in his password, and he is brought to his dashboard. From his dashboard, he chose MaxReading and selected Level 1. This brought him to a list of books to read. He selected the first one and off he went.

He likes that he could choose for it to be read to him. He knows that I don't usually let me use that setting as I want him to read it himself. This is a nice option, though. After a few books, I would reward him with allowing him to have the book read to him. It was a nice break for him, but he was still hearing the book and practicing the skills.

From what I saw in Level 1, MaxScholar really works with the students to understand what the topic, main idea, and supporting details are in each and every story. We worked through a few together so that he could get used to how to use the program and select the right words. You see, in order to select the topic, main idea, and supporting details, the student clicks on the words in the given color. I really liked this idea. Using different colors really help the student see what they have selected the words for. It took a little getting used to how to fix a mistake. Sometimes, he would click on the wrong word and then would want to change it. We thought that you could just simply click on the word again to "erase" the color. Then we saw that there is actually an "erase" function. You have to click erase, click on the word that you colored incorrectly, and then click again on the color that you want. It seemed a little cumbersome, but it worked.

Soon after he started working with MaxScholar, our son could choose what the topic and main idea of a story were. I had taught this to him previously, so it was more of a review for him. We ran into trouble when it came to highlighting the supporting details. This was tricky because it was difficult to know what words they wanted highlighted. We went through a few together and we still had trouble with it. I decided that it might be a good idea to drop down a level and practice with some easier stories. So that's what we did. I like that you have the option to drop down a level (or two depending on where your child is in the program). This helped a little. He still struggled to know exactly what they were looking for.

Here is what our third grader had to say:

They should teach how to highlight the words correctly. I liked how it teaches reading and how kids can learn more about phonics and reading and how to pronounce words.

Our son is a good reader and he usually understands what he is reading. MaxScholar helped reinforce his reading skills and put him on the right path for what the topic, main idea, and supporting details are for a story. I'm excited for him to get to higher levels so that it can really stretch his reading skills. We are glad that we were able to work through the Reading Intervention Programs by MaxScholar.

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