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Memoria Press - Traditional Logic I & II Complete Sets

Updated: Jul 3

When we were given the opportunity to review the Traditional Logic I Complete Set as well as the Traditional Logic II Complete Set by Memoria Press, I knew that it would be a great class for our oldest. So I jumped at the chance and I'm so glad that we were given this opportunity!

Our oldest is 13 (almost 14 - eek!) and has been doing High School level work this year. He has always been a very logical thinker, even as a young child. As parents, we have always just talked with him about things to help him understand the world around him. If he knew the reason behind something, he was more apt to go along with it. When he found something to be "illogical", he had a difficult time understanding it (cue in spelling here).

When I heard about this Traditional Logic class, I knew that I had to dig a little deeper. As I looked into this course, I kept in mind what I already had experienced with Memoria Press. From my experience, Memoria Press does not put out "fluff" classes. This was true for a couple of other classes from Memoria Press that we have worked through and it rings true for this course as well. I mean that in a positive sense. We don't like "fluff" in this house. Our son especially doesn't like them. It needs to be meaningful for him in order for him to put effort into it. This course is full of information for an eager young mind to sift through.

He is a young high school student, so I wasn't sure if he would be able handle it. I didn't have to worry after going over the first lesson with him. His father and him even had a long conversation about it all over dinner. I love when that happens for a few reasons. One, of course, I love when father and son can find something to discuss. Second, that means that he understood what he had learned and was actually able to have a logical (excuse the pun) conversation about it.

Here's how we work through the book each week. We were the student workbook, the text, the teacher key, quizzes and final exam booklet, as well as the DVD for both Traditional Logic I and II (more about that one later). On Mondays, he watches the video and does the daily work. The daily work on Mondays is always more because they have the student read through the entire chapter. This works for us because we (usually) stay home on Mondays. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays he simply works through the daily work. Then on Fridays he reviews the week's work and then takes the test. Each day, after he has completed his daily work, we go over everything and discuss what he's learned. He is a verbal and auditory learner, so this really helps solidify the information for him. Below is a sample of daily work for one day. The daily work goes directly with the portion of the book that the student is to read and understand.

As I have said earlier, Memoria Press was extremely generous in what they sent to us. They not only sent us the items that we would need for the review period, but they also gave us the entire next portion of the course which we wouldn't have time to get to yet. Thank you Memoria Press for blessing us in such an amazing way. Now he can complete the entire course and receive 1 full credit for high school. Wonderful!

Of course, he is still in Traditional Logic I, but I wanted to sneak a peek at Traditional Logic II to see what was in store for our budding logical thinker. It looks intense - in a very good way. I think that he's going to simply love it. It continues with syllogism. The student workbook is almost twice as thick as the first one. Starting in chapter 6, there are case studies included for him to read through and work through. These give some saying that a lot of us have heard of and have the student work through the statement. Wonderful! I love that they aren't just giving a bunch of information, but Memoria Press really is helping the students understand the material so well that they are able to apply it to the work around them.

Memoria Press sets the Traditional Logic I for 7th-12th graders and Traditional Logic II at 8th-12th graders. It obviously depends on your child, but I think these grades might be a bit low. I think a high 8th grader might be able to go through these. Remember, these are full of information books and the student needs to be able to handle and process all of the information that is in these courses. You may want to check out the Memoria Press website to see if they will fit where your child is academically.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with the Traditional Logic I Complete Set and the Traditional Logic II Complete Set from Memoria Press. I know when our son enjoys a class because he doesn't fight me when he has to do it. There was one day that he was doing his school work and he was just in the most grumpiest of moods. Then came time to do his Traditional Logic I class and his mood changed! He was pleasant to be around and he wanted to have a conversation about what he was learning. This class makes sense to him! Thank you, Memoria Press for a class that our son can really dig into and enjoy.

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