• Felicia Mollohan

Dr. Seuss's 100 First Words

Updated: Jul 3

We love the Cat in the Hat, and really anything by Dr. Seuss, here at Homeschool 4 Life so I knew that I had to try out this new book. Even though my kids are actually too old for this book, our eight year old "stole" it from me as soon as I got it out of the package. He has always been a huge fan of Cat in the Hat.

This book is great! Each page has a category of words to learn. There is a page of wild animals, clothing, food, and even toys, just to name a few. I love that they used pictures from other Dr. Seuss books. You will see the Cat in the Hat all throughout the book along with pictures that we have come to love.

Like I said before, my two boys are actually too old for this book. I use this book with my Chinese children! Do you remember that I teach English online to children in China? This book is wonderful for those children in the lower levels. The book is big enough for them to see the picture and to be able to tell what it is. I have one little girl who loves Dr. Seuss. She was thrilled when I showed her this book!

This book makes learning words fun!

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