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Planet 316 Story Bible & Companion App

Updated: Jul 3

We were excited when we were given the opportunity to review Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideal's Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App. This looked like such a great way to learn about the Bible. When we received the Story Bible in the mail, our third grader dug right in.

Planet 316 has incorporated an actual hard-cover book with the new technology of an app. So cool! We downloaded the app right away, but it doesn't actually do anything without the Story Bible. As soon as it arrived, he opened it right away and started looking at all of the pictures in the book. He surprised me because I thought that he would try to use the app with the book. At first, he was just interested in looking at the Bible. He wanted to see what stories that it had in it. Do you see that the TV is on in the back? He turned his back to the TV so that he could look at his new Bible.Love it!

Our boys have grown up learning the Bible. They have gone to church since they were born. We even make Bible a school subject just like Math and English. All that to say that he was not disappointed with this Bible. He loved the bright pictures and that it had so many stories that he knows and loves.

We were going to Grandma and Grandpa's house the next day, so he just had to bring it over to show them.

Look at the picture on the iPad! The birds are actually off of the page! I couldn't believe the technology when I saw it. The pictures actually just jump off of the page. That's the great thing about the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App. This isn't just a simple Bible. The Story Bible App brings the Bible stories to life. It is so cool! I was just watching him use it. I was even interested!

All he needed to do was open the Story Bible App and point the camera at a picture in the Story Bible. Then it "magically" becomes 3D. It isn't just a picture, though. When you touch the different people in the picture on the iPad, they talk! Yep! The Story Bible App makes the people come to life. They say things that are not written in the Story Bible book.

One thing that I must mention about this that I wish was easier. The book doesn't lay flat on the table. Look at the picture below to see what I mean.

Do you see the napkin at the top of the Bible? Yeah, he needed that so that the pages would lay flat enough to capture the image on the iPad. I would love to see that the Story Bible was made so that the pages laid flat to make it easier to use. Other than that, we loved it!

This Story Bible book and App are great for home Bible study. You can read, or your child can read, a story from the Bible using the Story Bible. Then they can bring it to life by using the Story Bible App. This not only can be used at home, but it can also be used at church. I can see this used in Sunday School classrooms every week. There are so many stories in the Story Bible that they would fit into your curriculum at church. For less than $15 for it, you can't go wrong.

Check out what our third grader had to say about it:

"I think that the Story Bible can really teach kids about the Bible with the stories that are in it. I think that the app is a really cool idea to add to the Bible for how it almost springs the characters to life. My favorite stories were the story of David and the story of Solomon. I liked the story of David because it has always been my favorite story. I liked the story of Solomon because he ruled his kingdom with wisdom and he worshipped God. I would recommend this to other kids."

Thank you Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideal for creating the Story Bible and companion Story Bible App to bring the Bible to life for our children. It is a treasure trove of God's love.

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