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This curriculum was created by Ed & Edie Benson

and Felicia Mollohan (homeschool4life.org).

Here's a little background on the creators of this Full Year of Bible Curriculum:

Grandma Edie and Grandpa Ed have been volunteering in churches since I can remember. They even taught my Sunday School class at one point. They have worked in the Children's Ministries at multiple churches as teachers, leaders, and directors. Through all of that experience, as well as having 4 children and 7 grandchildren, they have developed a Basic Bible Curriculum that can be used with children from ages 5 and up.

In coordination with Grandma Edie & Grandpa Ed, my parents, I helped develop this curriculum. Since a young teen, I have had the heart of a teacher so, I went to college to earn my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Education. I have used my education to teach for 5 years in the public school system as well as now homeschooling my two boys for the past 9 years. I enjoy writing my own curriculum and coming up with my own activities, so these skills were very useful when putting this curriculum together.

This program is such a wonderful program. It is so versatile and adaptable for any church or homeschool setting. It has been used at 3 different churches of different sizes and set-ups. One church was even in a school, so everything had to be set up and torn down each and every Sunday. It can be used with 1 child or 100 children.

Pass this on to your Children's Ministry director at your church. It can even be used in a small group, adult Bible study where you need something for the children to be involved in, or even in a co-op. It works great as a stand-alone Sunday School curriculum or Wednesday night classes. This is the answer to the age-old problem of the "2 hour child". You know those kids, right? They go to class the first hour, but need to stay for the 2nd hour because their parents are serving somewhere. They get bored with the same class and often misbehave. This helps them stay engaged with Bible learning, but while learning something different than the "regular" class.

Grandpa Ed and Grandma Edie have such a love for children. Children are so important to them that they use the short time that they have with them each week in order to teach children how much Jesus loves them.

This curriculum will work with your own children at home. Whether you have one child or eight, this can be used. It works great for multiple ages working together at the same time. You can use this as part of your homeschool or as an after-school activity for public schoolers. This curriculum is very versatile for any group.

The Basic Bible Curriculum has user-friendly directions with fun activities to engage the children. In fact, Grandma Edie says, "If you can read it, you can lead it." The lessons will help children become more familiar with the Bible. It is written in a child-friendly way. It has them standing up, sitting down, and moving around the room as they engage in Biblical activities.

Another thing that I love about this curriculum is that it requires very little supplies. Basic classroom supplies and the print-outs we will provide is all you really need to complete this program. Because of this, it is a wonderful program for any missionaries out there. Know of a church or homeschooling family that has a low (or non-existent) budget? This is the ideal curriculum for them. Or maybe you go to a church that has so many children, that they can't afford curriculum. If you have a computer, printer, crayons, pencils, paper, and scissors, then you can have a complete Basic Bible Curriculum that can be used year after year.

Have we gotten your attention yet? Good! I hope so. Something that I want to let you know about here. This is a 12 month FREE and Printable Basic Bible Curriculum.

It's not January, you say? Right you are. This curriculum can be started at any time of the year. The lessons are not built upon one another. So, if you are reading this in June, start on the month of June! It's that easy. You can print one month at a time or the entire year if that's what you want to do. It's your choice.

We have put some links for you at the bottom of this post. These will give you an idea of some of the optional items that you might want to get to use with this curriculum. If you happen go purchase some items through our links, that will give us a little percentage of the price. We thank you for that.

Ok, now that we've whet your appetite for this wonderful program, check it all out below.

How To Use This Curriculum

Title Page

Year Schedule

January Curriculum - Creation

February Part 1 Curriculum - Fruit of the Spirit

February Part 2 Curriculum - Fruit of the Spirit

March Curriculum - Noah's Ark

April Part 1 Curriculum - Resurrection

April Part 2 Curriculum - Resurrection

May Curriculum - Ruth & Naomi

June Curriculum - Prodigal Son

July Curriculum - Joseph

August Curriculum - Armor of God

September Curriculum - David

October Curriculum - Nicodemus

November Curriculum - Jonah

December Curriculum - Journey Through the Nativity

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