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Zirrly Super Beads Review

Updated: Jul 5

Hello all of my Homeschool 4 Life friends! We had the privilege of reviewing Super Beads by Zirrly. We received the Mega Pack and we LOVE IT! Our 3rd grader loves arts and crafts and this has been great for him to "play" with.

He couldn't wait for the package to come. He kept asking and asking if it was coming today. Finally, it came, but it was late at night. He ripped it open and found all of this in our box. It was like Christmas for him!

These beads are simply great! He wanted to make his first project with Grandma Edie. We were going over the next day so that worked out great!

We decided to pour the beads into a bowl to make it a little cleaner. As you can see, they didn't all stay in the bowl, but oh well. They both chose one of the many pattern cards to choose from. I was really glad to see these. They get put underneath a plastic holder. This way you know what colors to put where in order to make your project. They made this easy for anyone to use. Grandma Edie chose to make a cupcake and our 3rd grader made an elephant because he wanted to give it to Grandpa Ed (he loves elephants!).

So, here is how you make these. You chose the pattern for the project you want to complete. Then you put that underneath the plastic form and then you simply put the beads on the plastic form. Easy Peasy! When you have put all of the beads for the pattern, take the card off, and you spray them with water. Yep, you heard that right. There is no ironing needed. All you need is to spray them with water. They even provide the mini spray bottles with your purchase. I love when products come with everything you need to complete their project.

Here he is spraying his project. We put it on a towel so the counter didn't get all wet.

Once they were dry, which doesn't take long, we were able to use the tool they give you to get them off of the plastic form.

Here are their completed projects. Aren't they cute? The colors are so bright. I love them!

As soon as we got home, he wanted to make another project. He got all set up at his desk and started creating. I absolutely love when he can do that. He is a very crafty kid, but I'm not a very crafty mom. So anytime that he can do projects when and where he want is a win for me. Here's what he chose to make for his 2nd project.

About a week after these projects, he wanted to make something else. This time, he didn't want to use one of the pattern cards. He completely made his own design. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed that it is an eagle, then you win! Nice job!

Thank you, Zirrly, for this wonderful product. Our 3rd grader is able to complete his projects by himself. We will continue to make many more projects with the Mega Pack of Super Beads. You have got to get your kids some of these! You can make so many projects with them!

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