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A Review of Home School in the Woods

Updated: Jul 5

We were given the opportunity to review the Á La Carte products made by Home School in the Woods. Let me tell you that it was a difficult decision. There are so many products to choose from. They even have products that start at only $1.95. You can hardly get anything for that price! Well, we ended up choosing The War to End All Wars File Folder Game for $6.95. Our oldest son had just been asking about World War I and so this was just the thing to help him understand a little more about it.

All of the Á La Carte products are downloadable. This is nice because you can just print it when you are ready to use it. With The War to End All Wars File Folder Game, I chose to print it in color rather than my normal black and white. The color is necessary for this game and I didn't want to color everything by hand. I don't have a color printer, but mom does so I printed everything on e day when we were over there. One thing that I do want to mention is to be prepared for the preparation. There is a lot to prepare before you can play, so just make sure that you schedule that in. They give very detailed directions on exactly what to print, on what kind of paper, how many to print, and what is back to back. I ended up printing out the directions so that I could make sure that I did everything correctly. To be honest, it took a couple of hours to prepare because of all of the "tents" that are the needed for the playing pieces.

Anyways, once I had everything put together, I knew that this would be a great game for our oldest to play with his grandpa.

Yep, I was right. I'm not the best with strategic games, but my dad sure is. My son is in 8th grade, but taking all high school courses. I'm not saying this to brag, but to say that this game was difficult for both him and my dad. There is A LOT to this game. I asked my dad what he thought and he said that it really is a game for high schoolers. He said that my son did fine because of where he is academically, but also because he plays a lot of strategic type games. I asked our son what he thought and he said, "It's complicated, but fun."

I liked that Home School in the Woods had history to read before even playing the game. I read this aloud to them both before they played. This is very good information that helps you understand about the trenches, weapons, "no-man's land", and protection that were all part of the war.

They include a large Rule Book with the game. This is very detailed and should be read before the game.

Our son said that it was a difficult game, a complicated game, but that it was fun. He liked the strategy that went into playing it. I want to warn you that this game takes a lot of time to prepare and to play. Make sure that you schedule this in. It isn't a game you can whip out and play for a few minutes.

I'm thankful that we were able to review The War to End All Wars File Folder Game from the Á La Carte products by Home School in the Woods. I want to look a little deeper into some of their other products. We might want to try the Name That State! File Folder Game for my 3rd grader who is learning about the states or Greek Life! File Folder Game for our oldest who loves Greek culture.

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