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Easy Easter Egg Tree Craft

Updated: Jul 5

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Here are the final supplies from our trip to the Dollar Tree the other day. This craft only costs about $3.50. Everything at the Dollar Tree is just $1, but the stems that we used in this craft came from the flowers that we used in another craft. Click here to check that post out.

Most of the time, when Grandma Edie and I head over to the Dollar Tree, we don't have a firm plan on what we are looking for. I mean, we go in there thinking that we want to look at the holiday "surprises", but we just never know what we're going to find. So, most of the crafts that we come up with start with a little inspiration.

For this craft, the inspiration started with the cute little pail that you see in the picture. I just thought that it was the cutest little thing, and then Grandma's ideas were flowing. I put the pail in my basket and we kept looking. We stopped at the flower section. That's when it hit Grandma. Make an Easter Egg Tree. Take the flowers from the stems, add the eggs, and voilá...you have a cute, inexpensive, and extremely easy craft to make.

Watch this video to see what I mean.

Here are the supplies that we used:

1 stem of flowers $1

1 small pail $1

1 floral foam $1

1 package of foam Easter eggs $1

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