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Heirloom Audio Productions Review - Wulf the Saxon

Updated: Jul 5

We were excited to be able to review another great product by Heirloom Audio Productions. This time the cd was called Wulf the Saxon. It was a wonderful addition to our daily homeschool routine.

Each morning, the boys and I have breakfast together. Usually our oldest is pretty quiet during this time of the morning, due to the fact that he just woke up with his alarm. He's been staying up later, but I try to keep him/us on the same schedule for school. If I don't, we'll be doing school throughout the entire day and that doesn't work either. Rise and shine it is, then, at 7:15 every morning. So, while we are having breakfast is the perfect time to listen to something. We just put the CD into our computer and away we go! I'm so glad that Heirloom Audio Productions makes such exciting and interesting stories to listen to.

What I liked first about it is that it starts out explaining the whole class system. You know, the Earls and Dukes and stuff. They explain who is called what and why they are called that. They talk about what their title actually means. I've heard of all of the titles, but I wasn't sure what they all meant or what their ranks are.

This story goes through some pretty great themes. There is a little something for everyone. There is a love story, or two. There are plenty of battles, which my boys especially liked. There is even betrayal, but there is also loyalty.

I admire anyone who had to live during these times. They were hard. You couldn't always marry for love. In this story, the higher ranked officials usually married for status, political gain, or for an alliance. Wulf the Saxon was a devoted servant to Earl Harold. Harold was in love with Edith. They could not be married as Edith held no status. He was to be the next King of England so he married someone else. In the end, his "wife" wasn't loyal to him, but to her own family. Her brothers betray Harold, which causes even more problems. Wulf continues to be loyal up until Harold's death.

Basically the whole story is about who the King of England should be. That sounds like a pretty uninteresting story. Not how Heirloom Audio Productions portrays it.

First of all, it is based off of the story written by G. A. Henty. My son just read a book of his called "The Cat of Bubastes". There is actually an Heirloom Audio Productions CD of this same book. I am looking to get my hands on it. I would love to hear how they tell the story. G. A. Henty books are great. They are based from events in history and then written with a fictional flair.

Heirloom Audio Productions gets ahold of the story and brings it to life. I mean, as you listen to the story, you feel as though you are actually there. The background sound effects, the music score, and the voice acting are all phenomenal.

I can't leave without mentioning the Live the Adventure Club. This is a great club where they have access to digital versions of the "CDs" along with study guides, posters for the story, as well as many more extras. You really should go check it out.

Both of our boys liked listening to Wulf the Saxon. Our 3rd grader said, "It was a great story and a great adventure. I liked most of the characters. I think that whoever wrote it did a good job." We are thankful for the opportunity to review this story by Heirloom Audio Productions. We are looking forward to the next one!

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