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Updated: Jul 5

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Are all of your children the same? Nope. Did they all talk, walk, and learn exactly the same. Of course not.

Why do people expect all children to be the same, learn the same, act the same, and to have the same gifting and talents? They base every child's "success" by the "average" child. Who has the "average" child? My mom has always said, "There is no such thing as the average child." She's right. Mathematically there is an extremely slim chance to be the "average". You are either below or above. That's how the average is found. You take all of the entries, add them all together, and then divide by the amount of entries.

So WHY do we keep comparing our children to this mythical "average" child? No more!

That's why I love this book!

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Leo isn't like the other kids. He is what's called a "late bloomer". This book is to give children the sense of relief that they are great right where they are.

When I was teaching in the public school, I was teaching a 2nd and 3rd grade looping class. This year was the 2nd year that I had these kids. This young girl had the hardest time reading. She tried so hard, but reading was very difficult for her. One day her mother came in and told me that I was a horrible teacher because her younger daughter was reading better than their older daughter. I reminded her that every child learns to read at different times in their lives. They needed to give their oldest more time and soon it would "click" for her. About a couple of months later, it "clicked" for her. Her mom came back in and apologized to me.

While I was the director of the preschool, a mother came to me about her 2 year old. She was concerned because she wasn't speaking much and wondered if I thought that she should be put into speech classes. WHAT??? I calmly told her to give her daughter time. She was learning all of the language and gathering it all up. One day, it will all come out and she'll never stop talking. Skip ahead about 2 months and sure enough, she was talking up a storm.

Parents, let's give our children a break. Let's stop pushing them to be more and more. Now, am I saying to let them do whatever they want. NO! But, I do think that we need to take a breath and let our children be who they are going to be.

Now, sit down with your kiddos and listen to this great book.

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