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Christmas Ornament Vase Craft

Updated: Jul 5

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Grandma Edie and I LOVE going to the Dollar Tree for holiday supplies. The Dollar Tree has table decorations, plate settings, and items to make the cutest crafts.

On this trip, Grandma Edie and I were looking for multiple items. We needed paper plates for Thanksgiving and items to make crafts. Over the next few days, I'll be posting some of the awesome things that we found! I have some things for Thanksgiving AND Christmas.

My picture isn't very good, but these are SO cute! They are going to look great in Grandma Edie's home.

Here are the directions for how to make these:

Here are the supplies needed to make these. If the words are colored red, we bought them from the Dollar Tree.

* 3 vases

* 3 packages of 5 ornaments

* 3 battery operated LED lights

* 1 pages of Christmas snow

* wire cutters

* hot glue gun with glue sticks

* Cut some of the "snow" to wrap around the light kit. The snow helps to hide it.

* Using the wire cutters, cut off the top notch of all of the ornaments.

* Hot glue the bottom of the ornament to the middle of the light kit.

* Continue to glue the ornaments on top of each other until you reach the height that you want.

* Voila! There you have it!

Make 2 more just like it and you have your decorations that only cost $10!

We even made a video to show you. Check it out.

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