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Let's Go Geography Review

Updated: 6 days ago

Our third grader was so excited to be able to get to use the Let's Go Geography curriculum. He loves geography and wanted to know more about different countries. This curriculum from Let's Go Geography was just the thing.

Our third grader is a hands-on / visual type learner. This curriculum fits him well. There is a little bit of everything in these lessons. It's all online and I can just print whatever I want to. I like that. It doesn't take any room on our shelves and it doesn't take a ton of paper and ink. I love that!

There are many parts to this curriculum. It's a 1 year geography curriculum that is self-paced. So that means you can do a lesson a day - or week. You can use it as it best fits your family. Each lesson is about a separate country, except the first 2 lessons which are about the United States.

I love the checklist that comes with each lesson. This put my son in the driver's seat with regards to the lesson. He liked it as well. He liked telling me what was next to do in the lesson.

As you can see, there are many different parts to each lesson. There are maps for each lesson. There is a continent map as well as a close-up map of the individual country. I love maps and these are a great part of each lesson. I like that there is a "big picture" view of where that country is on the continent and then a "close-up" look of the individual country.

The next part of the lesson is the flag for that country. They color it and glue it onto the map.

Then comes the music. There is a YouTube link for the national anthem for the country you are studying. I shouldn't have been surprised, but my son really enjoys these. He likes to see the different children singing their national song, even if he can't understand what they are saying.

Next comes the "Sightseeing" section of the lesson. He loves this part! There are pictures, descriptions of the country, the people of the country, and information. He loves it! There are even YouTube video links of tours of the country. His eyes are usually glued to the computer screen as these are playing.

Lastly, is the craft. There is a coloring page and/or a craft for each lesson. Below are the pictures of him doing the craft for the Northwest United States. He learned that Maine is known for its lighthouses - so the lesson had us make one for a craft. Now listen. I am a horrible mother and don't like to buy extra supplies for one project. I know. I know. It's important. We were supposed to use a red plastic cup. Well, I didn't have one. We use a piece of red construction paper instead. It worked great. He made the white stripes from paper and then drew in some details with a Sharpie marker. Do you see the lighthouse actually lit up below? There's actually a "boat" in the water next to it. That was his idea. I love his creativity and the ideas that he comes up with.

We are thankful that we were able to review the Let's Go Geography curriculum. It's actually something that he asks to do when he sees it on the list. Success!

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