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A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks~ The Greatest Inventors Review

Updated: 6 days ago

Ok, would I sound too nerdy if I say that I was excited for my 3rd grader to be able to use The Greatest Inventors Lapbook with Study Guide by A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks because I wanted to go through it? I love this stuff and we were actually both excited to hear about this great opportunity.

I think that it's so interesting to find out where things started from, who thought of them first, how did they come up with their design, and why they thought that it was needed. In this lapbook, there are so many great inventors that you get to learn about. There's Thomas Edison, Eli Whitney, and Henry Ford.

Do you want to know what I love about The Greatest Inventors Lapbook and Study Guide? It's that it's a lap book AND a study guide! I have looked up and found many lapbooks that looked interesting, but it only came with the study guide. You had to find the book at the library. Guess what? When we lived in small towns for 8 years they didn't carry most of the books that we NEEDED in order to complete the lapbook. If the library didn't have them, then we were supposed to buy them. That's not going to happen until we found a money tree in our backyard. NOT SO with A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks! They included the Study Guide so you can learn about all of the amazing inventors AND complete the lapbook at the same time! No extra books to find or buy. I absolutely love that! It's all right there for you.

Look at how far we've gotten! It was easy to do one inventor each day of school. Our youngest son loves doing things like this! He is a very hands on learner and likes to "do" things while he learns and, to be honest, he learns better that way. His favorite thing to do on the lapbook is looking at the "map" in order to find out where he needs to place the part that he finished.

I asked him who is favorite inventor so far was and he answered (very emphatically, I might add) "Benjamin Franklin because he builds a lot of helpful things." We learned about Benjamin Franklin in our history course last year and he has remembered things from then. He was pleasantly surprised that this study guide had different things about him, so he loved learning new things about his favorite guy.

The one thing that he doesn't like about doing this lapbook is that he has to write about each inventor. This is in no way a complaint against A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks! He is in this "I hate writing" thing lately. He hates writing just about anything. It's really getting irritating actually because he is in 3rd grade and HAS to write. You can't get away from it! In contrast, I like the writing portion of The Greatest Inventors Lapbook and Study Guide. There isn't a ton of writing and they prompt you with what you should write about. It makes it very easy to work through.

There isn't a lot of preparation that goes into completing this, either. I love that I only had to print the lapbook pages because we read the study guide off of my computer to save paper. One suggestion that I would make would be to put all of the "to be printed" pages in one section so that I wouldn't have to print just one or two pages at a time in-between the study guide. That would just be a time-saver.

We are really enjoying The Greatest Inventors Lapbook and Study Guide by A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks. We will be finishing it within the next few weeks! Yea!

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