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Barbour Publishing Review

Updated: Jul 5

I have always loved reading historical fiction books. You know those books that are based on historical facts, but some fiction parts are thrown in. I just love the way that the author looks at the historical event from a new perspective. I feel as though it brings the real story more to life for the reader. For this reason, I just simply loved Imagine . . . The Great Flood by Matt Koceich from Barbour Publishing.

Have you heard the Bible story about Noah's ark? I'm sure all of you have at least heard about when God had this guy build a big boat to save his family and every type of animal from a flood. You know what? There is so much more to that story. What was it like building the ark and it taking 100 years? It was just Noah, his wife, their 3 sons, and their wives. That's it. 8 people who believed in and followed God. How lonely. That would have been a difficult life to lead knowing that everyone else in the world is against you.

The Great Flood is a wonderful take on the well-loved Bible story for kids of Noah's Ark. When we first received it, we didn't think a whole lot of it. I mean, nothing bad, but we've heard the Noah's Ark story a thousand times. Our oldest son, who is 13 years old, was extremely suspicious about it. He likes the facts. He doesn't like it when Biblical stories are changed.

I decided to read it aloud to them. One night I went into our oldest's room, where they both were, and started to read aloud. I was just going to read Chapter 1, but it drew me in. I had to read the next chapter. That's how it kept going. Each day, I read 2 chapters to them during breakfast, but I wanted to read more. I loved how the author, Matt Koceich, wove the fictional character of Corey into the beloved Bible story of Noah's Ark.

Corey is a normal ten year old boy. His problem is that his family is moving and he doesn't want to. When he went into the woods to find his dog, he falls and hit his head. When he wakes up and sees 2 lions...and Shem. Yes, Shem. You know, Shem, right? He was one of Noah's sons. He's one of the main characters in this book. Corey joins Shem as he brings the animals to the ark. They run from the Nephilim - Yes! the Nephilim are in the book.

When we got towards the end of the book, I couldn't just stop at 2 chapters. Our oldest said, "Mom! You can't stop there. I can't wait another day to find out what happens." So, of course, I just HAD to finish the book. We all thought that it was just wonderful!

When we finished the book, I asked both of our boys what they liked about the book.​Our third grader said his favorite part was when the giants attacked Corey the first time in the "surprise attack". He liked Shem. Our thirteen year old said that he learned to "Don't doubt God."

Imagine . . . The Great Flood by Matt Koceich is a great book and we loved reading it aloud together! I recommend you grabbing a copy for your own family to read! Thank you, Barbour Publishing.

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