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Back to School Blog Hop Day 5: Dear Homeschool Mom

Updated: Jul 5

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Well, here we are at the end of the Homeschool Review Crew's Annual Back to School Blog Hop. Today's post is a letter - a letter to myself. Specifically, this letter will be from me now as a mom going into her 8th year of homeschooling, to a newbie homeschooling mom. What would I want myself to know?

Dear Homeschool Mom,

So you and your husband have made this choice to homeschool your two boys. Right now you have only the one ending his kindergarten year, but soon the younger one will be ready as well. This is a big task that you've chosen to undertake. At first you are going to be fighting what he learned in the public school. You will have to un-teach some things, reteach others, all while teaching him new objectives. This is a huge job in front of you! You will be responsible for your children's education. Are you up for the challenge?

Of course you are! You are going to be great! Just relax and trust in your teaching abilities and your knowledge of your two special boys that God has given to you and your husband.

Don't listen to all of the others that will tell you that your way of teaching your children isn't right. Don't listen when they try to have you do it "their" way. You know your children the best and you know what's best for them.

Don't pay any attention to those that tell you that you are depriving your children. You know that you're not. You are actually giving them more than they would be getting otherwise. You are giving them a one-on-one top of the line education.

Do lean on your husband for support. He knows your abilities and trusts you to educate your boys.

Most importantly, DO LEAN ON GOD. He gave you these wonderful children and trusts you to raise them as He wants them raised. Why would He give you the ability to teach and not want you to teach your own children?

Relax - You've got this! It will all come together and your boys are going to turn out great!

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