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Back to School Blog Hop Day 3 - Planning and Record Keeping

Updated: Jul 5

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Today's topic on the Blog Hop is Planning and Record Keeping.

I have been using LessonTrek for all of my planning for a couple of years now. I really like it as it's easy to plan from week to week. I can drag and drop assignments from one day to the next as well as copy and paste a week at a time. After I'm done planning for the week, I print out their schedule and put it in my folder along with any print outs that they may need for the week.

I'm not one of those homeschool moms who plan for the entire year at a time. I can only handle planning for my boys one week at a time. It's not that I haven't tried to plan for longer. The problem is, the plan keeps changing. You see, I plan for where my boys are at that time, not where I think they should be or where the book says that they should be. We don't do every single page in every single book. I teach them what they need to know and leave out the rest. I see no reason in having them do lessons on things that they already know.

I also want them to work at their own pace. Now, do they need a push every now and again? Of course! That's what I'm here for. But, if I kept my kids where the public schools say they should be, my 8th grader wouldn't be taking high school classes right now.

Don't get me wrong. I assess their curriculum for what my boys need to learn throughout the year and about how long it's going to take them to get there so I know approximately how much to give them on any given week. The problem for me planning the entire year at a time is that I don't know what they are going to struggle with therefore needing more time. I want to allow them that time to truly understand what the lesson is about.

As for record keeping, I actually didn't even start taking grades for our oldest until he was in 5th grade. There really wasn't any need up until then. I haven't started taking grades for our youngest yet as he's still in 3rd grade. We work off of the mastery perspective. We want them to master the information so what's the point in giving grades? If they miss something on an assignment, we either discuss it or they redo it.

Now for our 8th grader. I do take grades on most of his assignments. I don't grade Bible work. I write down his grades and then average them at the end of the quarter. I am going to trying out AppleCore's grading system. It's a part of the SchoolHouseTeachers.com annual membership so I get to use it for free! I think it will really help once I get into it and really see all that it can do.

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