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English on a Roll Review

Updated: Jul 5

Our 8 year old and I were excited to be able to use the English Grammar Teaching Method by English on a Roll! Instead of memorizing kinds of words (nouns and verbs) on a piece of paper, English on a Roll lets you actually manipulate the English language with dice!

Grammar has always been that subject that was always difficult for me. It just seemed as though it was just a bunch of words that all had a certain title that I had to memorize. It really didn't make much sense to me and I had a hard time learning them. Sure I knew nouns, verbs, and adjectives, but when it came to any of the others, it was lost on me. I always did okay with it grade-wise, but I never really understood how all of the words fit together.

Skip ahead quite a few years to when I have to start teaching our oldest son grammar. Yikes! Now I have to teach it! How is this going to work? I fumbled my way through it using this and that from books and from the internet. Now that it's time for our youngest son to learn grammar I knew that I needed a different method. The pick and choose method would not work on this son. He's very much a kinesthetic learner and needs to actually "do" school to learn it thoroughly. He likes to play games, do treasure hunts, touch fingers to add and subtract, and manipulate objects in order to understand the material. I have to tell you...that's really hard to do with grammar.

In comes English on a Roll to the rescue! Who would have thought to make dice in order to learn grammar? That's what English on a Roll is. It's learning English using dice! These aren't just your everyday ordinary dice. Nope! These are like super-size dice perfect for kid-sized fingers to manipulate.

The English Grammar Teaching Method comes with 40 cubes (in a great container) and one instructor's manual. Each lesson is concise and to the point - I like that! Here's how the lesson is broken up: Prep., Notes, and Vocabulary are first to help the teacher (you) know what to expect in the lesson. Next comes: Teach the Concepts, Conversation/Games, and Written Exercises. This is your actual lesson. It tells you what to do and what to say. They give you the game to play and how to go about working through the lesson. Each lesson gives you a worksheet, that you copy from the workbook, to go through with your child as well as a worksheet for them to go through themselves. The book's copyright allows you to make copies for classroom use, which I love, because you don't have to buy a separate workbook in order to complete the program!

That all seems kind of boring, but it really isn't because your child is using the cubes the entire time.

He is making sentences and manipulating the English language all while using the cubes. He loves rolling the cubes and flipping the cubes to make the sentences or phrases say different things. He is able to see the sentence, hear the sentence, as well as manipulate the sentence all at the same time! I'm all about using multiple learning styles and multiple intelligences and this is it! It helps your visual, auditory, and your kinesthetic learner all at the same time!

Each lesson can take as long or as short as your child needs. I love that we can work through English in a short amount of time each day because he is understanding the concepts being taught. He asks to do his English first in his school day most days. I love when they actually ask to do something!

I need to throw this in - this is actually an English learning curriculum for English as a Second Language students (ELL or ESL students). That means that these are students who speak a different language already and are now learning how to speak English. There are certain games and activities that are difficult to do with one child. We were also able to skip some or go quickly through others due to the fact that he already knows the English language. I found it easy to adapt this curriculum to his needs - I love that about any curriculum!

Here's a funny story about our lovely 8 year old when he found out that he had to do English this year. So, here's how it went. The opportunity to review this product came up and so I talked with him about it. He said, "I have to learn English? Why? Don't I already know how to speak English?" Funny, but true. I had to go into explaining how learning English is more than just speaking. It's about writing it properly and, surprisingly, there is a lot to learning English. It didn't end there, though. He then agreed to go through this curriculum, but then proceeded to ask (with all seriousness), "So. When I finish this book, will I then be done with English?" Nice try, young man. Nice try.

"It's really cool how they designed the cubes! I really like the blank cubes where you can make your own cubes. It's about learning more English." (quote from said 8 year old)

Overall, I really enjoy working through English on a Roll's English Grammar Teaching Method with our 3rd grader. He enjoys it, too. His favorite part is finding the cubes in the container and trying to make his own sentences before we start the lesson.

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